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Hi, so I wanna know if it possible to capture a generated link from webcontrol in C#. For example inserting a link that needs to have a search done. Pressing submit and it goes into another page. Is it possible to capture the link of that other page and use it for another purpose?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Dec-13 15:43pm    
ASP.NET, I presume? Then add the tag "ASP.NET". Or something else? The question is not clear at all. What's the problem?
slayasty 2-Dec-13 15:49pm    
the problem is im trying to find how to capture the generated website link from webcontrol when submite a form in c#.
AlexDpars 2-Dec-13 20:26pm    
Could you post some code by improving your question? May be this could help us to understand you better...

1 solution

If you are using a WebBrowser control then the links can be found in the HtmlDocument.

Here is some example code

//Make sure document is loaded
private void WebBrowser_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e)
    HtmlElementCollection links = WebBrowser.Document.Links;
    //Do stuff...

You can find more information here about the WebBrowser Class here[^]
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slayasty 3-Dec-13 12:21pm    
ok thanks . i will elaborate on that.
slayasty 3-Dec-13 13:47pm    
When i type WebBrowser.Document.Links i get an error saying "n object reference is required for non-static field, method or property. 'system.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser.Document.get'
austinbox 3-Dec-13 22:52pm    
You can't reference the class itself, you need to create a webBrowser control yourself, and then substitute WebBrowser to the Name of your webBrowser control.
slayasty 4-Dec-13 14:05pm    
thats what i did the first time. mm i guess i mistyped the web browser name i gave it myself. :P

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