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I am trying to do something like this in my code to add values of excel cells

xlWorkSheet1.Cells[i, 5] = row[13].ToString() + row1[13].ToString();

But it is just writing the values side by side in one cell

Can anyone suggest me how can I add the values of excel cells using c#


1 solution


You are concatenating two values. if row[13] and row1[13] is numeric value you need to cast before sum each other.

So simple dear.

Best luck :)
Member 10408451 10-Dec-13 9:11am
I tried like this by using casting

xlWorkSheet1.Cells[i, 5] = Convert.ToInt32(row[13]) + Convert.ToInt32(row1[13]);
It is working fine, but giving integer values. But I have floating point values
I am trying like this
xlWorkSheet1.Cells[i, 5] = (float)(row[13]) + (float)(row1[13]);
which is not working
AmitGajjar 12-Dec-13 23:44pm
use Convert.ToDouble

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