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Below is the error message:

Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Few days ago, I migrated our server, old server use IIS 7 + Sql Server 2008 R2

new Server: IIS 7 + Sql Server 2012

after that, When I connect to Sql Server 2012 , some reports or functions occurs TimeOut Error,

But I switch to Sql Server 2008.

And I set 1hour for timeout in system's config. It still the same error.

Is there any settings for the Sql Server 2012? Can anyone help me!!

Has your connection string changed ? How long does it take to time out ? What's the exact error ?

I'd increase the timeout via the connection string and see what happens then.
chenghuichao 6-Jan-14 23:44pm
Yeah,I have changed the connection string, and add the 'Connect Timeout=0;'. In my system, only report and big data functions occurs this error. my database is about 12G, but there is no timeout error when I use Sql Server 2008.
Christian Graus 6-Jan-14 23:48pm
Is it the same machine ? How long did these functions take on SS2008 ?

Can you go back to SS2008 ? Why were you moving ?
chenghuichao 6-Jan-14 23:55pm
A new Cloud Server, Old server take 3 min, new server I run in SSMS it's about 6 min or more.

My vendor said they can not found SS2008, only have SS2012.
Christian Graus 7-Jan-14 0:03am
OK, so SQL Server is NOT the only thing changed. It's probably not the issue then. It's the whole server structure surrounding SS on your new platform that is the issue.
chenghuichao 7-Jan-14 0:10am
maybe, but how can I find out the issue? I have checked the IIS, SS2012 & Server resource few days, it sill the same, I have got headache.
Christian Graus 7-Jan-14 0:12am
Install SS2012 on your old server, you need to remove variables. Test so that the ONLY difference is SQL Server. If it's not slower, then that's not the issue.
chenghuichao 7-Jan-14 0:16am
Thanks so much, I'll try this.

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