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Hello guys,

I want to program a simple game. Please see these picures:[^][^][^]

"Jump over a token and capture the token. Every
move must be a jump! Only horizontal and vertical moves are allowed, no diagonal movement in the game. The objective of the game is to capture all the tokens, except the last piece. Figure on the left showing the player keys in the “From” and “To” as D2 and D4 respectively. There
are several validations need to be performed here. D2 must be a token there and D4 must be an empty space. D2 and D4 must be separated by a token to perform the jump. Figure shows the update after second move, from F3 to D3. You could notice that every valid move is either horizontal or vertical. Thus the “From” and “To” must be either having the same x-axis or the same y-axis. This is useful for performing validation."

Please help.

Waiting for you.
Updated 12-Apr-10 22:00pm

Sounds like a fun project. Have a go at it and when you get stuck come back with a specific question. :)
First of all do not post fake answers.

Do not urge people. You asked the question, and just three hours later, you post a (fake) answer, saying "still waiting". Show patience, if you want help. It might be urgent to you, but not to others. Of course you won't get a reasonable answer at all, since you just posted your general task, but don't explain, what your problem is. Asking for general help won't get you anywhere, this area of Codeproject is called Quick questions and answers. Do not ask for code, you won't get code here.

And if your problem is that simple (question subject "simple game"), why can't you do it yourself?

You made nearly all mistakes that are possible to not get an answer, but saying "urgentz". Of course your impatience equals "urgentz".

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