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I am creating MDI application. By default it uses by default toolbar resource IDR_MAINFRAME_256 and class
.How to hide and show particular toolbar button. I require this functionality as there are different users with
different user rights are going to use this Software. Please anyone can tell me
How should I show or hide particular toolbar button.
I tried RemoveButton and InsertButton(gives error as cannot use private fuction)

I also tried

    m_wndToolBar.SendMessage(TB_HIDEBUTTON, ID_TESTVIEW, (LPARAM)&inf); 

but it does not work at all.
Can anyone tell me please how to go about it.

adityarao31 19-Sep-12 7:42am
My Friend I want to hide button in onc case,show it in another case.RemoveButton works fine,but InsertButton is private function so we cannot use it,So If I use this method how can I show Button again
I ran into the same problem. It seems that CMFCToolBar does not react on TB_HIDEBUTTON anymore. I think you have to use the visible style on the buttons, e.g.:

void HideButton(CMFCToolBar* pToolBar, int nID, bool bHide)
    //NOTE: TB_HIDEBUTTON does not work anymore

    const int nIndex = pToolBar->CommandToIndex(nID);

    if (nIndex != -1)
        CMFCToolBarButton* pButton = pToolBar->GetButton(nIndex);
        if (pButton)


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