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I reading an XML.

I am getting exception, when I use DataSet.ReadXml(xmlfile).

Please help
Vedat Ozan Oner 12-Feb-14 5:31am
I think you use 'xmlfile' as path to your xml. check that string. it is not a real path.
srmohanr 12-Feb-14 5:33am
Actually I getting this xml from server, saving it as a string, passing it to DataSet

The "Illegal characters" exception means that the file path string you are passing to ReadXml is wrong: it is not a valid path. It may contain '?', or ':' in the wrong place, or '*' for example.

You need to look at the value, check what it is, and work out where the illegal character(s) are coming from.
srmohanr 12-Feb-14 5:51am
As I noticed no such characters in my XML string.
Any method is available to check for illegal characters.?
OriginalGriff 12-Feb-14 6:16am
It's not the "xml string" that's the problem: it's the path to the file containing the XML that's the problem.

DataSet.ReadXML uses the string you pass to it as a file name, not as the actual XML to process:

If you want to pass "raw" XML, then you need to wrap it in a stream, and pass that instead:

ds.ReadXml(new StringReader(strXml))

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