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i cant decide how many no. of BLL classes will be their in my web project.?
i am confused that ..each Web form should have there BLL class? Or Depends upon database table structure.
in my 2 tier project i have 5 tables and 11 webforms.
please give some examples over my question.

Hi, generally BLL class is mapped to DB. Remember that DB is isolated from presentation layer (web forms here) so it's no a common approach you shouldn't map webforms to BLL.

More info about Business Layer here[^].

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Mar-14 18:06pm
I voted 4. You certainly understand the subject correctly, but I'm not sure OP can understand it: no, a Web form should not "have" a BLL class... :-)
Christian Amado 28-Mar-14 18:14pm
You're right Sergey. Thanks for that.
BLL working as the bridge between Data Tier and Presentation Tier. All the Data passes through the Business Tier before passing to the presentation Tier. Business Tier is the sum of Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer and Value Object and other components used to add business logic.

See more details[^]
Three Layer Architecture in C# .NET[^]
Hi Utm,

Business logic layer contains all of the business logic. Its responsibility is to validate the business rules of the component and communicating with the Data Access Layer. Business Logic Layer is the class in which we write functions that get data from Presentation Layer and send that data to database through Data Access Layer.

My Suggestion:

BLL Classes related to what we need on UI.

Entity Classes related to what we need in database.

Sometime we are working with Service oriented Architecture in that case we can't pass entity directly so we need DTO (data transfer object) that we design according to what we need on UI.

Business Logic Layer sends data to Data Access Layer, does not send to Database so Business Logic Layer Design according to presentation layer.

3-tier architecture in C#[^][^]

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