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Hi friends

When i edit a Jquery Datatable , where there is a column which i created by selecting from dropdownlist and so now on time of editing i need to display dropdownlist with values in it so i can choose and press enter .

I been using JQUERY DATATABLES plugin & jeditable plugin and so on . The data in dropdown will be from DB .
I tried to do by fallowing article from code project but i am doing dynamically .
My link : ASP.NET MVC Editable Table (jQuery DataTables and ASP.NET MVC integration - Part II)[^]

So how i can bind a dropdown in place of textbox which is coming by default ?

My code :
            $(document).ready(function () {
                    "bJQueryUI": true,
                    "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
                    "bProcessing": true,
                    //"bServerSide": true,
                    "aoColumns": [

                             "sName": "Lead_Id",
                             "bSearchable": false,
                             "bSortable": false,
                             "fnRender": function (oObj) {

     return '<a href="\"Home\\LeadWizardView\\'" mode="hold" />                                 }
                         { "sName": "Contact_Name" },
                         { "sName": "Contact_Address" },
                         { "sName": "Lead_Source" },
                         { "sName": "Domain" }
  null, //null for read-only columns
                        indicator: 'Saving...',
                        tooltip: 'Click to select town', // think this as address
                        loadtext: 'loading...',
                        type: 'select',
                        onblur: 'submit',
                        data: "{'London':'London','Liverpool':'Liverpool','Portsmouth':'Portsmouth'}" // here it is static data which gives me on drop-down when i click on column . how to do it dynamically
                    sUpdateURL: "/Home/UpdateData",
                    sAddURL: "/Home/AddData",
                    sDeleteURL: "/Home/DeleteData",

                    sAddNewRowFormId: "formAddNewLead",
                    sAddNewRowButtonId: "btnAddNewLead",
                    sAddNewRowOkButtonId: "btnAddNewLeadOk",
                    sAddNewRowCancelButtonId: "btnAddNewLeadCancel",
                    sDeleteRowButtonId: "btnDeleteLead",

<div id="demo">

<table id="myDataTable" class="display">
                       <th>Contact Person</th>
                       <th>Contact Address</th>
                       <th>Lead Source</th>
                   @foreach (var item in Model.Lead_complete_list)
                     <tr id="@item.Lead_Id">

Updated 8-Apr-14 8:33am

1 solution

When creating the dropdown you are using Data ="bla..bla.."

Instead you should use loadurl: 'yourmethod which returs json data'

quick example below..

***JAVA script ***

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready(function () {

        $('#myDataTable').dataTable({ "bProcessing": true,
            "bServerSide": true,
            "sAjaxSource": 'AjaxDataProvider',
            "aoColumns": [
                                    { "sName": "ID",
                                        "bSearchable": false,
                                        "bSortable": false,
                                        "bVisible": false

			                        { "sName": "COMPANY_NAME" },
			                        { "sName": "ADDRESS" },
			                        { "sName": "TOWN" }


            "aoColumns": [{}, null,  {
                indicator: 'Saving...',
                tooltip: 'Click to select town',
                loadtext: 'loading...',
                type: 'select',
                onblur: 'submit',
                loadurl: 'AjaxDataProvider1'
                //data: "{'London':'London','Liverpool':'Liverpool','Portsmouth':'Portsmouth','Edinburgh':'Edinburgh', 'Blackburn':'Blackburn','Kent':'Kent','Essex':'Essex','Oxon':'Oxon','Lothian':'Lothian','West Sussex':'West Sussex','Lanarkshire':'Lanarkshire','Birmingham':'Birmingham','East Sussex':'East Sussex','Surrey':'Surrey'}"

*** Method in your controller ***

public ActionResult AjaxDataProvider1(JQueryDataTableParamModel param)
    List<string> people = new List<string>{
                "London"    ,
                "Liverpool" ,
                "Portsmouth"    ,
                "Edinburgh" ,
                "Blackburn" ,
                "Kent"  ,
                "Essex" ,
                "Oxon"  ,
                "Lothian"   ,
                "West Sussex"   ,
                "Lanarkshire"   ,
                "Birmingham"    ,
                "East Sussex"   ,

    JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
    var pp = serializer.Serialize(people);
    return this.Json(pp
        , JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
sunil gutta 10-Apr-14 1:59am
awesome bro . You deserve a applause :) Thank you . Well small query i.e
loadurl: 'AjaxDataProvider1' but if i have multiple controllers then i should mention like this ha ? 'home/AjaxDataProvider1' . .
Guruprasad.K.Basavaraju 10-Apr-14 10:41am
Thats correct,

In my code both the page and the datatable are in the same controller so we dont have to specify it.
sunil gutta 10-Apr-14 15:21pm
oops small issue when i am selecting list from dropdown which i populated from db . While updating the selected value i.e when i select london which is 1st in list . The db is inserting 1 not the text ? is there any workaround for this . Thank you for your time & help
Guruprasad.K.Basavaraju 10-Apr-14 15:26pm

You will need to create a list with the value to insert and value to select. In my example I create a list of string which is just one value in each list element.
sunil gutta 10-Apr-14 15:34pm
ok mate yes you are right . i am doing so & i'm using list<selectedlistitem> xyz() --->here i will store my list and pass to json . While storing in selectedlistitem i will store text and value both same . I hope this works out :) cheers have a great day friend
Guruprasad.K.Basavaraju 10-Apr-14 16:10pm
That should work.. thanks and you have a good one too..
If interested in HTML and CSS, I have recently written some articles on the same.. below is the link.
sunil gutta 11-Apr-14 3:35am
yeah sure will look and try to learn some stuff . Thanks

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