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Is safe to iterate over a generic concurrent collections on worker threads without locking on them (ConcurrentQueue, ConcurrentDictionary, ConcurrentStack, etc)?
Updated 1-May-14 7:28am
What's wrong about reading standard MDSN documentation on these types?
d.allen101 2-May-14 11:10am
I did read it. I understand that ConcurrentCollections lock on Adding and Removing Items but I don't understand why I throw an exception when I try to iterate over a ConcurrentCollection. If it's thread safe shouldn't it be locked while I'm performing an iteration, therefore throwing no Exception. I'm not understanding how it works. I know how to use it but I was trying to understand why and how it works. And I'm getting it wrong. Will you explain it to me SA? Thanks!

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Yes of course. Isn't that apparent from the documentation of these classes, even from their names? This is what they have been designed for. Moreover, such collections can server as a certain kind of thread synchronization utility for threads, because, say, they serialize data added to the same collection by different threads.


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