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I have a DataGridView that is bound by a datasource in Windows forms application. When I import my data into the DataGrid I want any blank or null fields to be colored in red until the user inputs data. I’ve already accomplished this but I have a slight issue. When the user adds a new blank row to the DataGrid and doesn’t fill in any data, that newly formed row on load up will be completely colored in red, instead I want to delete this newly generated row on load. This is how I’ve gone about doing this, but I haven’t been successful. I greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you may offer.

Private Sub DataGridView1_CellFormatting(sender As Object, e As DataGridViewCellFormattingEventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.CellFormatting
    ‘Created a Boolean flag if empty
    Dim empty as Boolean = True
    Dim cellString = DataGridView1.Rows(e.RowIndex).Cells(e.ColumnIndex).Value

    If cellString Is Nothing OrElse IsDBNull(cellString) OrElse cellString.ToString = String.Empty OrElse String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(cellString) = True Then
                    empty = True
                    empty = False
                End If
            End If

    ‘create variable assigned the rowindex of the last row of the DataGridView
    Dim lastRow As String = DataGridView1.Rows(DataGridView1.RowCount - 1).Cells(0).Value

            If (e.ColumnIndex = 0 OrElse e.ColumnIndex = 1 OrElse e.ColumnIndex = 2) Then

                If empty = False Then
    ‘If row is not empty then allow the newly generated row on load
            DataGridView1.AllowUserToAddRows = true
    ‘If row is empty and it’s the last row then prevent the row from being added to ‘the datagridview
                    If empty = True AndAlso e.RowIndex = lastRow Then

                    DataGridView1.AllowUserToAddRows = False
    ‘If the row is empty and not the last row then paint the cell red
                    Else If empty = True AndAlso e.RowIndex <> lastRow Then
        DataGridView1.Item(e.ColumnIndex, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor = Color.Red

                End If
            End If
       End If
    End Sub

1 solution

If the user isn't allowed to add a row, then set the DataGridView.AllowUserToAddRows[^] property to False. I believe this will stop the new row from showing up on the screen.

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