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Dim oZip As CGZipFiles

set oZip = new CGZipFiles

oZip.ZipFileName = "\MyZip.Zip"
oZip.AddFile "c:\mystuff\myfiles\*.*"
oZip.AddFile "c:\mystuff\mymedia\*.wav"

If oZip.MakeZipFile <> 0 then
   MsgBox oZip.GetLastMessage
End If

set oZip = nothing

when am writing this in my project .... the following error is coming...
CGZipFiles' is not defined.
sanug 4-May-10 0:52am
please answer me....its very urgent.....thanks PG

1 solution

The error means that the type CGZipFiles has not been defined in your application.

This means you need to reference it (if it's a DLL or similar), or include a class module that provides the definition (and functionality) of CGZipFiles.
sanug 4-May-10 1:07am
can you plz provide the class module?when i added the zip32 dll,again error is coming that it is not a valid component to be added....
sanug 4-May-10 1:08am
can u please provide some other code for zipping excel sheet using vb language..thnx in advance..
sanug 4-May-10 1:15am
please reply me...
_Damian S_ 4-May-10 1:22am
I don't have a copy of the library... I was simply giving you the general solution to a problem such as yours. Try google, and search for cgzipfiles download.
sanug 16-Aug-10 2:30am
thanks a lottttt:)

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