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Want to create a listview by Extending the The listview control. I have to create a unique style for my custom listview. The problem I am facing is
when am putting a gridview to arrange the data, the style that i applied will loss and it wil look like the ordinary listview.

Here i am displaying some of the sample that i tried.

In the Xaml file where i designed my listview

<Style TargetType="{x:Type local:GOGWPFAdvancedListView}">
     <Setter Property="Template">
             <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type local:GOGWPFAdvancedListView}">
                 <Border removed="LightBlue"

I Extended a class for my listview

public class GOGWPFAdvancedListView : System.Windows.Controls.ListView
static GOGWPFAdvancedListView()
DefaultStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata(typeof(GOGWPFAdvancedListView), new System.Windows.FrameworkPropertyMetadata(typeof(GOGWPFAdvancedListView)));


In my Consuming Page


when i put only the new control its style is visible
<advanced:gogwpfadvancedlistview name="lvMainlist" >

But when i put a gridview to the listview it wil look like the ordinary listview

<advanced:gogwpfadvancedlistview name="lvMainlist" >
                    <gridviewcolumn header="Name" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Name}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="Place" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Place}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="Country" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Country}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="State" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding State}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="Age" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Age}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="C/O" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding CO}" />
                    <gridviewcolumn header="JOB" width="100" displaymemberbinding="{Binding JOB}" />

Any suggestions???
Updated 30-Jun-14 18:20pm
azweepay 11-Jul-14 2:56am
What do you mean exactly when you say "But when i put a gridview to the listview it wil look like the ordinary listview"? That the Blue border style you applied isn't showing anymore? I can't seem to reproduce it.

1 solution

After a quick look I think you are missing a TemplateBinding, when you set the Content of your ListView it should set it to the Content of your border in the ControlTemplate, shouldn't it?

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