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I have a below requirement:

Joining Table
Name	Joining Date
    X	15-Aug-14
    Y	5-Aug-14
    Z	25-Aug-14

Holiday Table
Holiday         Date
IndependenceDay 15-Aug-14
CompanyHoliday 14-Aug-2014
FriendshipDay 5-Aug-14

We need the output as
Name NewJoiningDate
X 13-Aug-14
Y 4-Aug-14
Z 25-Aug-14

Please do not use a while loop or a cursor. I guess it can be done by Recursive CTE or a corelated subquery. Don't have a answer yet :(

Updated 29-Oct-14 9:30am
ArunRajendra 16-Jul-14 2:34am
Do you want to update the record or just display?
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 16-Jul-14 2:47am
the solution can be achived with dateadd functions, But the output is on what basis? for example the out put dates some are -2 and some are -1 etc...

Got a better solution referencing Nitesh's
Thanks Nitesh

;with abc as
 SELECT Name, joiningdate FROM #Joining
 union all
 select name, DATEADD(DAY, -1, date) from #holiday  h
 inner join abc on abc.joiningdate =
select name,min(joiningdate) from abc
group by name
    SELECT a.Name, b.NewDate
    FROM Joining a
            ( SELECT DATEADD(DAY, -1, [Holiday Date]) NewDate
              FROM Holiday
              WHERE DATEADD(DAY, -1, [Holiday Date]) NOT IN (SELECT [Holiday Date] FROM Holiday)
            ) b ON a.[Joining Date] > b.NewDate
    SELECT c.Name, MAX(c.NewDate) NewDate FROM c
    GROUP BY c.Name
SELECT j.Name,
CASE WHEN h.[Holiday Date] IS NULL THEN j.[Joining Date] ELSE d.NewDate END
FROM Joining j
LEFT JOIN Holiday h ON j.[Joining Date] = h.[Holiday Date]
INNER JOIN d ON j.Name = d.Name
anki.mathur 11-Feb-15 6:35am
Thanks Nitesh, it was of great help. I have posted the optimum solution for this.
UPDATE A SET NewJoiningDate= DATEADD(DAY,-1,B.HolidayDate) FROM JoiningTable A
INNER JOIN HolidayTable B
ON A.JoiningDate=B.Holidaydate
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 16-Jul-14 2:45am
This won't return the exact output which is to be expected. But for the above scenario DateAdd function is used.
anki.mathur 22-Jul-14 3:02am
Thanks for the reply
But this will not give the result which is at the next level i.e. X 13-Aug-14 won't be updated

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