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say i have 10000 records in one table i just want 100 record from this datable A to Datatable B , is there any easy way other than loop ?
Kumarbs 1-Aug-14 2:15am    
Which db you are using? And you are asking 100 records, meant based on some condition or top 100?
Improve your question.
Thanks7872 1-Aug-14 2:32am    
He is talking about datatable. This question has nothing to do with db.
Kannannns 1-Aug-14 2:55am    
using framework 2.0, its like navigating through records, 100 records first, then next on

Try lambda expression:
Datatable1.AsEnumerable().Where(s=>s.Field<stirng>("SomeColumn") == "SomeValue").CopyToDataTable(Datatable2, LoadOption.Upsert);
//Here Datatable1 is having 1000 records(assume), and you are copying the datatable to Datatable2

Then how about this?
DataRow[] dr = DataTable1.Select("ColumnName='columnvalue'");

and then:
foreach (DataRow row in dr ) {

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_Amy 1-Aug-14 2:55am    
See my updated solution..
Kannannns 1-Aug-14 2:58am    
dont want to use loop
_Amy 1-Aug-14 3:01am    
A loop is required to add the rows in DataTable in Net Framework 2.0.
Hello ,
If you are using LINQ ,then another solution ...
<br />
table1.AsEnumerable().Take(noofcount).CopyToDataTable(table2,LoadOption.OverwriteChanges);<br />

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