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Hi, All

Here i try to show two columns in dropdownlist, when i retrieve the data from DB showing Error Object Reference error !

My Code IS:

DataTable Dtab_1 = new DataTable();
            Dtab_1 = DbCon.GetData("select ReasonCodeC +' /  '+ReasonNameC as ReasonD from reason");
            ddlresoncode.DataSource = Dtab_1;
            ddlresoncode.DataTextField = "ReasonD";
            DataTable Dtab_2 = new DataTable();
            Dtab_2 = DbCon.GetData("select r.ReasonCodeC+' / '+r.ReasonNameC as reasonD from reason as r inner join holiday as h on r.ReasonCodeC=h.ReasonCodeC where h.HolidayNameC='" + strCmd + "'");
            ddlresoncode.Items.FindByText(Dtab_2.Rows[0]["reasonD"].ToString()).Selected = true; // Here i Got Error!

1 solution

The error is probably caused by FindByText returning NULL and you not checking it before using it.
Always check for object existence and validity before using it.

Object sel = ddlresoncode.Items.FindByText(Dtab_2.Rows[0]["reasonD"].ToString());
if ( sel != null)
sel.Selected = True
else // do something else
prasanna.raj 11-Sep-14 8:11am
i have confuse in that part, i passed value by datatable in dropdown but why its return null....
Sinisa Hajnal 11-Sep-14 8:17am
Because the control is nested (find the exact html from the page)? Because your inner join didn't return anything (so that rows[0] actually fails and not FindControl)? Until you find exactly what is going on, there is nothing more I can do.

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