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I want to move robotic arm on x,y,z axis(coordinates) so I want to take help from you. How can I make a program for this movement of robotic arm in Visual Studio 2008 C#.

Updated 11-Jun-10 4:16am

If you have literally no idea how to do this, what makes you think you can ? You need to look at your arm, work out how a computer can talk to it, then look in to how C# can use that method. For example, if it connects via the parallel port, google for how to use the parallel port in C#. Ask us for specific help, not to do your whole project, or even all your research, for you.
CPallini 11-Jun-10 13:43pm
Instead of 'address book programming', 'people-with-no-idea-on-how-to-do-it" now try to move robots. this scares me a bit. :-)
i have same experience about robotic application ,,
1=first how the arm connect to the pc
2=depend on your connection (serial , ....) make the program
but i do with serial port , i send the data throw serial port then micro ( MCU ) then micro get the command and send it to motor ,and motor run , if this way is ok ? maby i can send example for u next time
can we do this through opengl,if yes?please help us

we actually want to move our robotic arm to different locations and for that we really want an application in csharp
can anyone help me? :(
Mycroft Holmes 12-Jun-10 4:46am
Sorry but I can't resist.

You want to use a graphics language to move a robotic arm from one location to another, I would think a truck would be more useful.

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