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iam work on sales point system for super market
all items have barcode
but i get problem for frunits & vegtables (items by weight)
for example if we record in system
item name barcode(for example) price per kg
tomato 12345 10

so when the customer go to cashier to pay the system 'll read the item by barcode but the proce included in system per kg what if the cutomer buy 2 kg or 700 GM
how can i make the barcode system read the price on the label
or what is the solution for that
Richard MacCutchan 21-Feb-15 5:41am
You either need the cashier to weigh the items and enter the weight into the system, or use a weighing machine that will print a label encoded with the total price, or weight + price. This is not really a programming issues, more a system design one.
md_refay 21-Feb-15 6:14am
Dear Richard
Thanks For Replay
i 'll follow the second scenario we 'll use weighing machine
but when we go to cashier how the system 'll read the price from the barcode
can u help me in that
Richard MacCutchan 21-Feb-15 6:39am
See OriginalGriff's suggestion below.
md_refay 23-Feb-15 0:43am
Can u Explain More For Me
Richard MacCutchan 23-Feb-15 4:04am
Explain what?
md_refay 23-Feb-15 4:42am
how can i read the barcode & prrice from barcode label
i mean how to sepereate them
Richard MacCutchan 23-Feb-15 5:10am
It depends how the price or the item count is encoded. You will need to talk to the barcode manufacturer about how this feature is implemented.
md_refay 2-Mar-15 23:58pm
Dear Thanks For Your Reply
I ALready CHeck The Bar Code In More Than One Supermaket
I found Like That For Example 1238985 3752
the second part is the price so the price is $3.75
so when the bar code read the price how i can separate it??
Richard MacCutchan 3-Mar-15 3:15am
By doing what I told you in my previous message.
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Solution 2

"how the system 'll read the price from the barcode"

You don't, unless it is a specific type of barcode that includes price-per-kg in the actual barcode data (and consumer unit barcodes don't normally do that)

Most barcodes you will meet hold only one piece of information: an Article Number which uniquely identifies a product as (say) 05012345678901 and to get the price for the item that number is used to index into a database which returns the full info:
AN              05012345678901
Description     "tin of beans, Heinz, 400g"
Weight(kgs)     0.400
Price           £1.23
Stock           1267
ReOrderAt       500
OrderFrom       ...
So what you do for "loose weight" items is include a "loose weight" code in the data the DB returns and use that to calculate the price given the data from the weight scale.
md_refay 21-Feb-15 13:44pm
thanks for your support
can u help me by explain for
i did't get your solution
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Solution 3

Create a barcode for 1Kg and set rate of 1Kg. When system reads barcode, it will read 1Kg as weight and it's price of 1Kg. Then cashier will enter exact quantity in system and system will multiply quantity with rate on runtime.
For Example:
You have an item Apple with value 100/Kg. Customer buys 700Gm. When cashier scan barcode, system will read 1Kg with 100/Kg Price and amount will 100. Cashier will enter 0.7 in qty and 0.7*100 = 70. Bill Amount will be 70.
md_refay 21-Feb-15 13:44pm
Dear Naeem
thanks for your support
but this is work good for little transaction
but in almost of big supermarket i notice that they read the barcode & he read the excat value with any modification from the casher
i need your help to find more easy solution for casher people
Naeem Sardar 23-Feb-15 1:16am
You are right. But in that case, they generate barcode at runtime regarding weight. I went to buy fruits from a super store, after checking weight on a machine, operator press a button on machine & machine generates barcode of weight. Now on Cash Counter, Cashier first scanned the item's barcode & then on weight/qty column he scanned weight barcode. I saw this process. May it helps you.

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