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Can it create any problem if we disable the triggers associated with all databases and those triggers which are associated with tables in the database.

These triggers just restrict insert & delete operations.

Is there any general setting to disable all the triggers?
How to find out the list of triggers in database?

1 solution

I don't know full setup about your database, so i can't suggest about disable your triggers.
But i can help you to retrieve all triggers from your database.Try like this,
SELECT      Tables.Name TableName, TriggerName,
      Triggers.crdate TriggerCreatedDate,
      Comments.Text TriggerText
FROM      sysobjects Triggers
      Inner Join sysobjects Tables On Triggers.parent_obj =
      Inner Join syscomments Comments On =
WHERE      Triggers.xtype = 'TR'
      And Tables.xtype = 'U'
ORDER BY Tables.Name,

This is not my own code, referred from a link.
jawad59 31-Mar-15 9:43am
i got trigger list through your code. There is only one trigger named- noinsertion. This trigger restrict insert operation in the table.

I do'nt know why its kept. Previously it was working fine. now, it gives this trigger error. if I disable it then works.

Also there is a common trigger for all database in server, which restricts delete & create database.

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