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I have to parse the data from a very big xml file with lot of repeatetive elements and child nodes. I could have used the GetElementsbyTagName but that will be a very lengthy and complex solution w.r.t this xml file.
I think the best method would be xml serialization and deserialization technique but i am a novice in it. Could anyone help me with this, please?

Currently what i have done is I have converted the XML file to CS file using XSD.exe.
Now this CS file consists of all the nodes & elements in form of different classes and objects.
 public partial class ATX
     private string cATEGORYField;
     private ATXARPACKAGE[] aRPACKAGESField;

I am able to store the data in all the other objects except "private ATXARPACKAGE[] aRPACKAGESField". I believe this array of classes is created because of repeatetive nodes. Now if i want to save anything in this object "aRPACKAGESField", how can i do it? How to use/access "private ATXARPACKAGE[] aRPACKAGESField"
Updated 28-Apr-15 23:09pm

Basically take a look at this answer:

Use XML reader instead of XML dom. XML dom stores the whole file in memory which is totally useless:

XmlReader Class

Your second question:
How to use/access "private ATXARPACKAGE[] aRPACKAGESField"

Why have you made this variable private? Either you need a public property for it or (simply) let it be public.

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