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Is there any javascript function/s that will tell me if the current
browser window is in full screen mode or not?

1 solution

Try this:

Must be used after the page is fully loaded, so in page onload or used in a function after loading is complete.

function IsFullScreen( )
      // Variables
      var intScreenHeight = window.screen.height;
      var intBodyOffSet = document.body.offsetHeight;
      var intFullScreenDifference = 26;
      var blnIsFullScreen = false; // Assume No
      // Does the Screen Height - the Body offset = Full Screen Difference
      if( ( intScreenHeight - intBodyOffSet ) == intFullScreenDifference )
            // Yes, were full screen
            blnIsFullScreen = true;
      // Return
      return blnIsFullScreen;


      <body onload="alert( IsFullScreen( ) );">

Good luck!
Raghavendra HG 3-Aug-10 2:48am
Man this is not working. I tried in IE8...
E.F. Nijboer 3-Aug-10 5:13am
Below some links for getting the viewport size (visible document size) and screen size. You should be able to determine if the page is displayed fullscreen or not.

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