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Updated 3-Jun-15 21:43pm
Mostafa Asaduzzaman 2-Jun-15 23:04pm
In the current trends of MS Technologies, if you select MVC with TypeScript/Angular/jQuery would be the best choice.
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 1:45am
Thanks Mostafa!

The answer to this question is opinion based only. Why? Some person prefer one technology, some - other. It depends on many factors, for example: 1) what kind of server you're able to use? 2) what software you're able to install, 3) what this site is used for..., 4) etc.

I'd say, choose the best for you. HTML5[^] seems to be another option, but - as i mentioned - it depends...
Sure, good points, a 5.
Maciej Los 3-Jun-15 17:49pm
Thank you, Sergey.
Peter Leow 4-Jun-15 2:26am
Hitting the nail on the head. 5ed!
Maciej Los 7-Jun-15 8:17am
Thank you, Peter.
Those are not really choices. This is badly incomplete list of the summary you need to learn. Expand this list to make it several time longer and learn it all, without making any choices, only then this list would make at least some sense. You only can build some priority order and the order of what should follow what. Well before these items, general programming, C# and .NET platform, general concepts should come, and, in parallel, good understanding of JavaScript.

And on top of that, you will inevitably need to learn some "alternatives" unrelated to this Web development line you are trying to plan for yourself: some unrelated languages and technologies, some theories in computer science, and a lot more. This will be your free choice, but my experience shows that people not knowing a lot beyond their own specialty, are typically not very capable inside their own specialty. Deep understanding of your own field of activity is impossible without a good sight from outside of it.

And now, if you think that this could look a bit too much, I will be glad to inform you that even you reach the level and width of knowledge I roughly described above, it will be a tiny bit of the volume of knowledge a well-educated person typically achieves. Just a tiny bit.

To encourage you somehow, I want to reference an article every software developer should read:
Peter Norvig, Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years,

Good luck.
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 2:53am
Sergey: As usual no useful information!
This is because this is my opinion on should be written here.
Also, please be careful with your "as usual". I think you don't want that your statements could be considered by many members knowing the fact as lie. I'm quite open to criticism but won't like something baseless.

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 12:08pm
Sergey the point of this forum is not opinion but solutions.

Sorry about the "as usual" as I have only seen you answer two questions no more no less. 1) about DDE debugging. and 2) this meaningless answer. So far both times answers were off-topic and unhelpful.
The point here is not to provide opinions as you suggest, but solutions:

So i was wrong to say "as usual." I now further see you answer THOUSANDS of questions here. Surely you have been helpful at some point to somebody. Someone please vouch for Sergey here!! However in my observation from my viewpoint it should read AS ALWAYS. So glad you are open. Also glad to hear that you are concerned what other members think. Also sorry to not provide no meaningful feedback and being so brief.

If you would like to point me to an answer where you have been helpful in solving a problem I will read and re-assess and promptly apologize - Fair Enough?

Mark Wardell
All right. You cannot judge a person with 17 thousands answers by just two. That's good that you understand that, however your "as always" is completely baseless.
As to the usefulness of some opinions and the purpose of this site are also opinions which can be different. I think opinions are important, and I think some of my opinions are really important and many would need to know them. If you disagree, this is just one more opinion; some may agree and some may disagree with that.

And sorry, I and not going to point to any of my answers. I'm not guilty, to search any excuses. I feel myself free to answer even off-topic, if I think it is useful. If you are interested, read my last answers yourself. If you don't see how they are useful, I would consider it as you blindness, but of course your opinion can be different. No, I don't need your apologies, sorry. How your posts look is totally up to you. After all, you just express your opinions, not behaving in offending ways (which of course would be unacceptable). My advice is simple: just remember that all posts can be read by any member.

MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 12:42pm
No it is a base of TWO. Not baseless. Just a small sample set to the great help you have provided CodeProject. I am sure someone will come to vouch for you after all you have answered THOUSANDS of questions. At that point I will likewise promptly apologize. I will wait for that and stay flexible until then.

Thanks for your time.
Mark Wardell
"Vouch" is only applicable to someone who can be considered guilty. I don't think I need any vouch. :-)
Please, I don't see how all this discussion can be adequate to anything.
Maciej Los 3-Jun-15 15:25pm
Sorry, Mark, if i could just put in a word here... Which helping method is better: "giving a fish" or "giving a fishing rod"? Note, that Sergey is person who held in high regard on this forum. Many questioners accept Sergey's answer and many of them up-vote them. If - in your opinion - the solution is useless, please post a comment to the question. I believe, Sergey is able to help you by editing the answer.
Ha-ha, thank you, Maciej. That's weird: until your comment, I did not realize that Mark is not only the commenter but also is an original inquirer. My bad. That changes the situation. Mark probably consider the advice useless for himself, fist of all.

So, I added to the answer in my comment below.

Speaking of the "give me a fish attitude", this is a recent vague question:

It sounds that a person tries to argue the usefulness of the whole site, but not very definitively. How can we explain people that writing a whole article on the topic of other article does not look reasonable? :-)

Maciej Los 3-Jun-15 15:45pm
No chance, probably...
Mark, sorry, but I forgot that you are actually the inquirer, not just a commenter.

So, I have something to add. You might be frustrated that I am not giving you the advise for a practical choice. I just say: "learn all of it and a lot more". That is, you hoped to learn less by concentrating on some topic of some practical choice, and I denied this possibility. But this is the thing: I really think that not choosing is the better choice. In essence, you could consider my answer as offensive, because it sounds that I consider your approach as lazy and try to convince you that the only reasonable approach is to learn a lot more than you expected to learn. I really think that you can help yourself the most if you greatly boost your expectations on the volume of knowledge to master, to be competitive and successful. Also, you need to understand some practical aspect. Say, you have to use some 80 units of your time to learn Webform part of ASP.NET, and 100 units to learn MVC framework for ASP.NET. At this level, how many units would you put to learn both? I would say, no more than some 120 (very roughly). Can you see the point? You won't waste your time, just the opposite: going wide, you are going to improve the efficiency of your learning.

Are you getting the point?

And again, just imagine how your posts maintaining the idea that my posts are used "as always". You cannot really hurt me with such accusations, but just think how you personally may look in the eyes of other readers. :-)

MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 16:12pm
You have been "vouched" for! Awesome! As I indicated I would do : I apologize for my misunderstanding your hi value at cp! Rock on Sergey!
Kind regards
Sascha Lefèvre 3-Jun-15 16:54pm
It's your right to be dissatisfied with Sergey's answer but the way you expressed it makes you look childish.
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 17:18pm
Sascha: This clearly must have been responded to prior to my clear-cut man-sized apology. Everyone is off the hook. Have an awesome day!
No problem, but let me tell you that you don't need to apologize because you apparently did not hurt me.
Thank you anyway.
Maciej Los 3-Jun-15 17:53pm
Mark, Thank you for you this comment. Have an awsome day too (even if in Poland is 11:53 PM). Cheers, Maciej
Sascha Lefèvre 3-Jun-15 18:01pm
It didn't sound like a sincere apology to me - but if it actually was meant as one, so be it. Have a nice day too, Mark.
MarkWardell 3-Jun-15 17:53pm
Because I am man of word. I said I would and I did. Life is hard enough without adding complexity exceptions. Apologies never have the word but in them also. Have an awesome day! Oh I intend to read all these articles you have written. They look awesome and fascinating.

Kind Regards,
Mark Wardell
Oh, I perfectly understand and respect it. I was just amazed that you needed some others' opinion, that's all.
I you want to read this material, I'm ready to ask your questions.
Best of luck,
Peter Leow 4-Jun-15 2:30am
Well done, Sergey. You have made someone's day. 5ed!
Thank you, Peter.

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