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Posted 9 Mar 2011


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Debugging Made Easier with Mole 2010

Mole is a debugger visualizer that runs in Visual Studio while you are debugging .NET applications. Mole makes debugging easier because it provides a comprehensive view into all of your application’s data objects

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Software developers spend a lot of time tracking down and fixing bugs. It’s what we do. We rely on tools to help us make sense of our applications while they are halted at a breakpoint. Visual Studio 2010 includes many debugging tools to help us understand the inner workings of our applications; such as Watch windows, the Call Stack, Data Tips, a handful of debugger visualizers, etc.

The standard debugging tools in Visual Studio 2010 are great, but they leave room for improvement.

Imagine if…

Imagine if you could navigate the objects in your .NET applications as easily as you browse the Web, by clicking on hyperlinks to visit objects and having a breadcrumb trail of objects you have visited.


Imagine how much easier it would be to investigate a problem if you could view a listing of all properties and fields of an object, then sort and search by name, value, or data type.


While you are exploring objects in your application, it would be convenient to easily edit the value of a property and have that value get applied to the live object in memory.


Just think how useful it would be to view the properties of all objects in a collection at once, or export them to Excel as a CSV file. Imagine if that was just a mouse click away.



If you happen to be debugging a WPF, Windows Forms, or ASP.NET application, wouldn’t it be nice to have a searchable view of the UI control hierarchy at your fingertips?


Even better, imagine if that control hierarchy view allowed you to do things like set any control as the root node, and highlight ancestors of the selected control.



Most WPF and Windows Forms developers would love to be able to easily inspect the data bindings set on control properties.




Stop Imagining

The debugging capabilities listed above, and more, are possible in Visual Studio 2010 today. All that you need to do is install Mole 2010 by Molosoft. Mole 2010 is a debugger visualizer that opens up new possibilities for debugging .NET software.

You can open Mole 2010 right inside of Visual Studio 2010 while you’re at a breakpoint.


Mole 2010 can be used to debug any .NET application, but currently not Silverlight applications. Once Visual Studio supports custom debugger visualizers for Silverlight, a future version of Mole will be made to work with Silverlight applications, too.

Purchase your copy of Mole 2010 here:

You can learn more about Mole 2010 on Molosoft’s documentation page:

For a free trial, please visit the demo page:


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