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Wheel On Traffic Alert


Often, one is in a rush leaving home and heading towards a recreation or business destination. Now, with Ultrabook one can quickly fire up laptop by spinning the Ultrabook like a steering wheel and it will pop up Caltrans quickmap traffic alert based on users current location. It will give users a quick idea of what roads or freeways to avoid while heading to their destination.

 It will be ideal for users who do not have smartphones with real time traffic alerts or who are in a rush and don't have time to recall or type the URL. Additionally, it also helps users to get to their desired information using an intuitive gesture instead of searching for the right app to fire up in a rush-rush scenario.

 It will also be a fun way to get to the desired information. 


Windows desktop Productivity app

Ultrabook features used 

  1. Ability of Ultrabooks to quickly fire up.
  2. Ability of Ultrabooks to understand motion gestures.

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