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Virtual 3D-Shopping Malll

Name: Virtual 3D-Shopping Mall

Targeting Platform: Tablet

Category: Retail

Overview: This application provides a new way of online Shopping by surfing in a virtual mall in which user can would be able to shop online with a new touch experience owing to 3D-clone of user itself since the object will work as a Clone of the user and the user can enjoy the shopping by making orders to his/her Clone which is similar to objects in the games like Vice city, Far cry, Temple Run etc. But it’s not a game because here we are extending the online shopping techniques along with virtual shopping experience. The shopping process can be performed by appropriate selection on tablet screen.


Conventional system: In the conventional shopping system, If a user wants to buy something, he has to open online shopping sites (such as,,, etc.). The product list will be displayed on the screen according to their categories, and the desired products needs to be added to the cart by user. In the present approach, the user only deals with the Text description and the Images (and sometimes video description may be there), but this approach becomes quite boring as users are not able to physically handle or feel the experience of touching subjects of the mall.

Innovation: This is an application where user can feel the real fun of shopping in which the shopping mall has been designed in 3D manner to provide real-time experience to each and every subject present in the mall represented in a 3D shapes mimicking reality. Once the user enters the 3D shopping mall, he/she has to register providing the following details: 


Helps to create clone on the basis of given parameters:

  • Name as Label
  • E-mail
  • Username
  • Password
  • Address
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Full page Photo
  • Gender

The above 5 fields are related to the general / Basic details and field no. 6 to 9 will be useful for creating the approximate 3D-clone of the given user (it will be useful to make a proper gesture of the given user). Full page photo will be uploaded from album used to wrap over the Clone to make the object much more real.

 The full page photo of user can be taken with the help of amazing camera of given device,

The following features will also be useful such as GPS will be used to access the Location (which useful for calculating shipping cost) of user, Compass and Proximity sensor will help the user to handle the product virtually in effective manner, Inclinometer used to go up stairs and down stairs for the user, Light sensor used for maintaining light balance at different Daylight timings.

  1. Proximity sensor
  2. GPS
  3. An Acceloremeter  
  4. A compass
  5. A light sensor
  6. An Inclinometer
  7. A Gyroscope

After completing the successful registration of the user, users are ready to shop. The map will be provided to the Clone containing the details of the product according to their categories which will help user to find correct place where the desired product has been placed. After finding the required product, the clone can go and have a real fun of handling the product using cart selection by selecting the different products. At the same time the user (user’s clone) will be able to interact with friends who are present in 3D shopping mall and can also have a chat with them, as Shopping mall is a multi-user platform so everyone can see each other which make the user feeling more realistic because it has the large possibilities of having multiple users to be logged in at the same time. And finally the Shipping facility details or the courier service would be provided and payment can be made by user.

Technical details:

This innovation requires different tools and technologies which includes: 

  1. ASP.NET for developing the site, and make it more functional with activities like, chat availability, multi user log in control, Security against the malwares and hackers.
  2. C#.NET used for controlling the different functional activities of the clone and behaviour of the object/ clone which are useful for maintaining the connectivity over the database, security implementation using encryption and decryption technology. The Image processing will be useful for detecting the face from the photo given by the user to wrap over the clone.
  3. WPF will be employed for designing the interiors of the mall and different products in the mall. We also have option to create these with the help of DirectX and OpenGL.
<span lang="EN-US" style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">// contains useful algebra structs: Matrix, Vector3, Plane, Quaternion</span> 
<span lang="EN-US" style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">using Microsoft.DirectX;</span> 
<span lang="EN-US" style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">// contains everything else: Device, Mesh, Texture, Light, Material,</span>
<span lang="EN-US" style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D;</span> 

The prototype of proposed system is as follows:

Screen shot of system after completing the registration the clone of the user:





The interior of the mall: 


















Optimization: If we will create this app as a general web site which will able open on general browser like Mozilla or IE then it will take much more time to load as it require 3G speed to load the graphics contents, Instead of these we are creating a separate app for tablet which will downloaded once from the server and all the data will be stored on client side providing high performance to the user.

In background, the connection was established to load the new/ updated product list from the server, and user will also be informed about the new offers on products as per user’s requirement. Only the purchase details of the user will be forwarded to the server which achieves the low cost for transportation of data and increases the speed of transactions.

User experience:

The 3D shopping mall concept will provide user the advantage of interacting with the items in a way similar to that in real life. This experience will increase the subject acceptability for online shopping. The unique advantage of this concept is that the user can actually try the costumes or the selected items on to the clone using selection window. The shopping experience will be further enhanced by the gaming like experience of the user. The inbuilt motion sensor will be useful for moving clone in the malls to have 3600 visuals of the shopping malls. The touch screen of tablet can be utilized to interact with other known clones in shopping mall.

Approach taken:

Preliminary investigation about the type of programs and programming language has been selected. Outline of wire framework has been planned and primary execution has been done to get an overview about the suitability of selected resources for completion of the proposed project. In brief, designing of objects which would be present in the 3D shopping mall has been selected and a raw data related to the objects has been compiled and further process of executing the selected objects on the client. The only thing we need to do is polishing the system to make it more user friendly.

Coding Language to be used: 

ASP.NET using C#, WPF, OpenGL, DirectX etc

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