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Posted 1 Jul 2004


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I3HTree – Html Tree + Html Grid Web Control

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23 Aug 200415 min read
An html tree control plus integrated data grid support for ASP.NET applications.This is the second release of the I3HTree control; several new features have been added, first of all an integrated grid support.

Latest Update

Release 0.22

This version adds a new control setting (I3HGridSaveStyle) that let you decide if the OnGridItemsValueChange event is fired only when a page submit is invoked or whenever a control value is changed. The latter option allows you to change the value of any cell of the grid when the user edits a cell value (for instance in the MyOrderForm sample the row total cell changes whenever the user edits the quantity text box).

In addition it fixes an annoying bug related to the use of the control inside a C# project. To solve it I had to change the name of the control that now is I3HTreeCtrl.I3HTree.

See History section below for further details.


This article presents the new version of I3HTree control; the first version can be found in a previous article:

I created a new article instead of updating the previous because this new release of the control is completely different from the first one. I consider the first release of I3HTree a kind of experiment, from that I started developing this new version adding new features and changing some of the exiting. I also re-organized (and re-named) the interface methods for cleaning reasons.

Now I feel that the control has a cleaner architecture and I can build up new functions on it without changing the base anymore (or at least without any deep impact on existing interfaces).

One of the biggest improvement was integrating an Html Data Grid with the Html Tree as shown in the next picture.

Image 1

The main idea of the control is still the same: the data are requested only when the related tree nodes or grid rows have to be shown; the ability of loading the data just when needed makes the I3HTreeCtrl suitable when a very large data tree is present.

The data request occurs via an Event fired by the I3HTreeCtrl Web Control. Basically the ASP.NET application that uses the I3HTreeCtrl control just needs to handle a set of events depending on the control style he wants to use; for instance the OnShowTreeFolders and the OnShowTreeItems events request respectively the tree folders and the tree items (leaves) node under a specific parent node.

A caching mechanism (optional) is foreseen to avoid requesting the same data more than once.

Tree styles

Standard Tree Style

The Standard Style consists of a standard Html Tree. The Tree is made up by Folders and Tree Items.

A Folder is represented by a key (unique), a caption, images (when the folder is open, close or empty) and css styles (when the folder is selected or not). A folder can be expanded and collapsed. A Tree Item is represented by a key (unique), a caption, an image, a link (url and target) and css styles (when the folder is selected or not).

Check-Box Tree Style

The Check-Box Style consists of an Html Tree with a check-box control associated to each tree item. The check-box is implemented using the Html input tag; this means that the tree items can be checked and/or unchecked without reloading the page. In addition an image can be still associated to each item.

Explorer Style

The Explorer Style consists of an Html Tree control plus an Html Grid control. The format (columns number and style) and the data depend on the selected folder in the tree.

Each time a folder is selected the grid is refreshed. As for the Html Tree the Html Grid has and integrated caching mechanism. The Html Grid supports different column types: normal (any Html code, typically a simple text), link, image, image link, check-box, text-box, combo-box.

I3HTreeCtrl class

It is the class that represents the Html Web Control; it inherits from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl and it implements the IPostBackEventHandler interface.


  • I3HTreeStyle

Set the tree style:

  • eTreeNormal
  • eTreeCheckBox
    The control requires all data the first time it is loaded.
  • eTreeExplorer
    Html Tree plus Html Grid.
  • I3HLoadStyle

Defines the loading style of the control:

  • eLoadWhenExpand (default)
    The control requires tree nodes data only when it needs it that is the user opens a node and wants to displays it children.
  • eLoadAll
    The control requires all data the first time it is loaded.
  • I3HCacheStyle

Enable/disable the control cache:

  • eCacheEnabled (default)
    Each node is requested only once.
  • eNoCache
    The control fires the node data request each time the node is shown.
  • I3HTreeOrderStyle

Set the tree order style:

  • eTreeFoldersItems
    Folders are displayed before items.
  • eTreeItemsFolders
    Items are displayed before folders.
  • I3HTreeSelectStyle

Set the tree selection style:

  • eTreeSelectNormal
    Clicking on the folder icon causes the sub-tree to expand or collapse while clicking on the folder name causes the folder to be selected (the selected style applies).
  • eTreeSelectCollaspeExpand
    With this style clicking the folder name causes the sub-tree to expand or collapse.
  • I3HRootOpenImage
Set the image file to be shown when the root node is expanded.
  • I3HRootCloseImage
Set the image file to be shown when the root node is collapsed.
  • I3HFolderOpenImage
Set the image file to be shown when any folder node is expanded.
  • I3HFolderCloseImage
Set the image file to be shown when any folder node is collapsed.
  • I3HFolderEmptyImage
Set the image file to be shown when a folder contains no items.
  • I3HItemDefaultImage
Set the image file to be shown by default when an item node has to be shown; it is possible to specify a different image for each item, it no image is specified the default is then used.
  • I3HCssTableStyle
Css style of the main table that contains both the Html Tree and the Html Grid.
  • I3HCssTreeTableStyle
Css style of the Html Tree table.
  • I3HCssGridTableStyle
Css style of the Html Grid table.
  • I3HCssTDFolderStyle
Default Css style of a Folder table cell.
  • I3HCssAFolderStyle
Default Css style of a Folder link.
  • I3HCssAFolderSelectedStyle
Default Css style of a selected Folder link.
  • I3HCssTDItemStyle
Default Css style of an Item table cell.
  • I3HCssAItemStyle
Default Css style of an Item link.
  • I3HCssAItemSelectedStyle
Default Css style of a selected Item link.
  • I3HRootKey
Key of the root node.
  • I3HRootCaption
Caption of the root node.


  • GetSubmitUrl

Returns the Url that has to call in order to force the saving process of the Html Grid form controls.

  • GetTreeObject

Returns the I3HTree object.


  • OnShowTreeFolders
Fires when the tree control needs folders information. The parent node key is provided.
The called component has to fill some arrays with children folders keys and captions.
  • OnShowTreeItems

Fires when the tree control needs items information. The parent node key is provided.
The called component has to fill some arrays with children items keys and captions.

  • OnShowGridItems

Fires when a tree folder is selected in the Explorer style. The parent node key is provided. The called component has to fill the array with the children item keys.

  • OnShowGridItemValue

Fires when a normal cell has to be filled.

  • OnShowGridItemLinkValue

Fires when a link cell has to be filled.

  • OnShowGridItemImageValue

Fires when an image cell has to be filled.

  • OnShowGridItemImageLinkValue
Fires when an image link cell has to be filled.
  • OnShowGridItemCheckValue
Fires when a check-box cell has to be filled.
  • OnShowGridItemTextValue
Fires when a text-box cell has to be filled.
  • OnShowGridItemComboValue
Fires when a combo-box cell has to be filled.
  • OnTreeItemsCheckChange
Fires on the page postback providing the list of nodes that have been checked or unchecked.
  • OnGridItemsValueChange
Fires on the page postback providing the list of node values that have been changed.
  • OnSelectChange
Fires when the selected node changes.
  • OnNodeCollaspe
Fires when a node is collapsed.
  • OnNodeExpand
Fires when a node is expanded.

CI3Tree class

It is the main object where the Html Tree and Html Grid formats and data are stored.


  • GetSelectedNodeKey

Returns the current selected node key.

  • GetSelectedNodeCaption

Returns the current selected node caption.

  • SelectNode

Select a Node; it causes the tree to expand in order to make the node visible. The methods works only with node that have been already loaded.

  • GetNodeCaption

Returns the node caption of the requested node.

  • SetNodeCaption

Change the node caption of the requested node.

  • IsItemChecked

Returns whether the requested item is checked or not.

  • CheckItem

Check the requested item.

  • GetCheckedItemList

Returns an array of all the currently checked items.

  • ClearCheckItemList

Un-checks all the items.

  • ClearTreeNodes

Clear all the tree nodes.

  • AddRoot

Add a root node to the tree.

  • AddFolder

Add a folder node to the tree.

  • AddTreeItem

Add a tree item node to the tree.

  • DeleteNode

Delete a node from the tree.

  • FindNode

Retrieve a node object giving its key.

  • AddGridType

Add a grid definition.

  • FindGridType

Retrieve a grid type giving its key.

CI3Node class

It represents a generic Html Tree node; it is the base class of all other Html Tree classes: CI3Folder, CI3ItemTree, CI3ItemGrid.


  • Key
Unique node key.
  • Caption
Node caption.
  • Level
Tree hierarchical level (1 is the root, 2 the first level children, and so on).
  • Parent
Reference to the parent node.
  • Tree
Reference to CI3Tree object.


  • SelectNode

Selects the node.

  • GetItemData

Returns the internal object related to the tree node.

  • SetItemData

Sets a data object to be associated with the tree node.

CI3Folder class

It represents an Html Tree folder; a folder contains tree items and can be expanded and collapsed.


  • Expanded
Returns the expanded or collapsed state.


  • CollapseNode

Collapse the folder.

  • ExpandNode

Expand the folder.

CI3ItemTree class

It represents an Html Tree item; an item can be configured with an image and/or a link to a Url (href + target).


  • Image
Image file associated.
  • HRef
HRef of the link.
  • Target
Target of the link.


  • IsChecked

Only for Check-Box style. Return true if the item is currently checked.

  • CheckNode

Only for Check-Box style. Check or uncheck the node.

CI3ItemGrid class

It represents an Html Grid item. The grid item corresponds to a row of the Html Grid; it stores the value for each grid column.


  • AddItemValue

Add a new CI3ColValue object that represents the value of a specific grid cell.

  • GetItemValue

It retrieves a reference to the CI3ColValue object that represents the value of a specific grid cell.

CI3Grid class

It represents an Html Grid. The I3HTree control supports different grid formats, one per each tree folder.


  • GridTypeId
String that identifies the grid type.
  • Cols
Returns the grid columns collection.
  • Caption
Grid caption.
  • CSSCaptionStyle
Grid caption Css style.


  • AddColumn

Add a column header definition to a specific grid.

  • ClearColumns

Clear all columns.

CI3ColHeader class

It represents the definition of a column of the Html Grid.


  • No
Column index.
  • HeaderText
Column header text.
  • ColumnType
Column type: normal, link, image, image link, text-box, combo-box, check-box.
  • HeaderType
Header type, normal, sort.
  • TDWidth
Column width.
  • TDCssStyle
Column Css style.


  • AddComboItem

Add a combo-box item to a column (of combo-box type).

  • EnumComboItem

Initialize the combo-box items enumerator.

  • GetNextComboItem

Retrieve a combo-box item from the enumerator.

  • ClearComboItems

Clear the combo-box items.

CI3ColValue class

It represents a data grid cell value.


  • ColNo
Index of the related column.
  • ColHeader
Column type of the related column.


  • GetValue

Returns the cell value for any cell type.

  • GetDisplayValue

Returns the cell display value. The display value can be used for formatting fields like currencies or date.

  • SetValue

Set the Value and the Display Value of a cell.

  • GetLink

Returns the cell value for link and image-link styles.

  • SetLink

Sets the cell value for link and image-link styles.

  • GetImage

Returns the cell value for image and image-link styles.

  • SetImage

Sets the cell value for image and image-link styles.

  • SetStyle

Sets the Css styles.

How to use the I3HTreeCtrl

Setting styles and attributes

Using the I3HTreeCtrl is very simple. You just need to add a reference to the I3HTreeCtrl.dll in your project; then a new icon will be shown in the Web Forms toolbox. Then you can simply drag & drop the control in a Web Form.

Once you have done, a code line similar to the following shall appear in the "Web Form Designer Generated Code" region.

Protected WithEvents i3htree As I3HTreeCtrl.I3HTreeCtrl

In the Page_Load event handler method you can set any control property for deciding the tree behavior or for changing default CSS styles or images. For instance:

i3htree.I3HRootCaption = "my products"<br>i3htree.I3HRootKey = "MyRootKey"<br>i3htree.I3HTreeStyle = I3HTreeCtrl.I3HTreeCtrl.enumTreeStyle.eTreeCheckBox

The layout of the tree can be changed acting on the css styles and on the images. The page you are working on shall include a css file:

<LINK href="i3htree.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">

The file contains the styles related to the tree objects that are defined in the control properties.

Creating the tree

To create the tree you need to put your code in the IH3TreeCtrl two main event handlers: OnShowFolders<CODE> and OnShowTreeItems. The folders are tree nodes that can be expanded and collapsed while the items are the leaves of the tree.

OnShowTreeFolders(ByVal sParentKey As String, _
                  ByRef aKey As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                  ByRef aCaption As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                  ByRef aTDClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                  ByRef aAClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                  ByRef aASelectedClass As System.Collections.ArrayList) _
                  Handles i3htree.OnShowTreeFolders

This method is called when the user expands a sub-tree under the node identified by the sParentKey string. The first time the method is call using the root key (by default is ROOT but it can be changed using the I3HRootKey property).

The called application shall fill the aKey, aCaption,

, aAClass, and aSelectedClass arrays. The aKey values will be used in the subsequent OnShowFolder and OnShowTreeItems events while aCaption values are the displayed tree node descriptions. The aTDClass, aAClass, and aSelectedClass arrays specify the css style to be used for the table cell (<td> tag), the link (<a> tag) and the link when the folder is selected.

OnShowTreeItems(ByVal sParentKey As String, _
                ByRef aKey As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aCaption As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aImage As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aLink As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aTarget As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aTDClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aAClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
                ByRef aASelectedClass As System.Collections.ArrayList) _
                Handles i3htree.OnShowTreeItems
For each item the called applications can specify the key, the caption, the image (if it differs from the default images specified in the tree properties), the link address, and the link target.

Using the CheckBox Style

The CheckBox style let associated a check-box to each Tree Item. The control stores the checked items, to get the list at any time use the GetCheckedItemList method and to free the list use the ClearCheckedItemList method.

A single item can be checked, unchecked using the CheckItem method.

Defining grid columns

When the Explorer Style is set it is possible to define grid columns as shown in the following code:

Dim col As I3HTreeCtrl.CI3ColHeader
Dim sTypeId As String = "coltypeproducts"
<br>col = New I3HTreeCtrl.CI3ColHeader(sTypeId, _
                0, _
                "", _
                I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumColumnType.eColImage, _
                I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumHeaderType.eHeaderNormal, _
                "50", _

The first parameter sTypeId allows grouping columns that belong to the same Html Grid. The control allows defining different grids so that it is possible to associate a different grid for different Tree Folder.

Other column attributes are: the position, the header, the type (normal, image, image link, link, text-box, check-box, combo-box), the header style (normal or sort), the width, and the css style.

Creating the grid

The grid is created handling the OnShowGridItems and the OnShowGridItemXValue.

The OnShowGridItems is fired when a folder on the tree is selected.

OnShowGridItems(ByVal sParentKey As String, _
  ByRef sGridTypeId As String, _
  ByRef aKey As System.Collections.ArrayList) _
  Handles i3htree.OnShowGridItems

The application that handles the method provides the grid type (in this way the grid columns are defined) and the array of item keys (in this way the grid rows are defined). Then the control fires the OnShowGridItemXValue for each grid cell depending on the columns type. The complete list of methods is:

  • OnShowGridItemValue()
  • OnShowGridItemLinkValue()
  • OnShowGridItemImageValue()
  • OnShowGridItemImageLinkValue()
  • OnShowGridItemTextValue()
  • OnShowGridItemComboValue()

Saving user edited data

The data that the user may edit using the grid controls (text-box, check-box, combo-box) are automatically saved on each PostBack event (for instance when the tree selection is changed). In addition the saving process can be forced; to this aim the control provides a GetSubmitUrl method. The submit Url can be assigned to an hyperlink control in the following way:

hypUpdate.NavigateUrl = i3htree.GetSubmitUrl

In this way by clicking on the hypUpdate link the user forces the saving process.

MyOrderForm Sample application

The MyOrderForm application is a sample application that shows how to use the I3HTreeCtrl with the Explorer style.

The application shows an Html Tree representing a products catalog; each tree folder represents a product category and by selecting a folder the Html Grid shows the products (image, code, name, price, size, and quantity are provided). To order the user has to set the quantity of the product he wants to order.

In the Page_Load events the control attributes are set and the grid columns are defined. The code has to be executed only once so it has to be skipped when the load event is triggered by a PostBack.

If Not Me.IsPostBack Then

   'just the first time
   'set the tree attributes

   i3htree.I3HRootCaption = "my products"
   i3htree.I3HTreeStyle = I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumTreeStyle.eTreeExplorer
   i3htree.I3HTreeSelectStyle =

   'create the grid columns

   Dim sTypeId As String = "coltypeproducts" 'typeId is always the same!
   Dim col As I3HTreeCtrl.CI3ColHeader
   col = New I3HTreeCtrl.CI3ColHeader(sTypeId, _
               0, _nbsp;           0, _
               "", _
               I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumColumnType.eColImage, _
               I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumHeaderType.eHeaderNormal, _
               "50", _
   'add combo column
   col = New I3HTreeCtrl.CI3ColHeader(sTypeId, _
               4, _nbsp;           4, _
               "size", _
               I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumColumnType.eColComboBox, _
               I3HTreeCtrl.CI3Tree.enumHeaderType.eHeaderNormal, _
               "5%", _
   col.AddComboItem(1, "small")
   col.AddComboItem(2, "medium")
   col.AddComboItem(3, "large")
End If

Once the tree and grid attributes have been defined the I3HTreeCtrl fires events when data is needed according to the user actions.

The tree is created by handling the OnShowTreeFolders event; note that using the Explorer style the OnShowTreeItems will never be called.

Private Sub i3htree_OnShowTreeFolders(ByVal sParentKey As String, _
  ByRef aKey As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aCaption As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aTDClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aAClass As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aASelectedClass As System.Collections.ArrayList) _
  Handles i3htree.OnShowTreeFolders;
   Handles i3htree.OnShowTreeFolders

   Dim nParentID As Int32

   If sParentKey = "ROOT" Then
      nParentID = 0
   ElseIf sParentKey.Chars(0) = "C" Then
      nParentID = Convert.ToInt32(sParentKey.Substring(1))
   Elsenbsp; Else
   End If

   Dim cnt As New OleDb.OleDbConnection
   cnt.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;
     Data Source=" + System.Web.HttpRuntime.AppDomainAppPath +

   Dim ds As Data.DataSet = New Data.DataSet
   Dim adp As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter

   'get topics listopics list
   adp.SelectCommand = New OleDb.OleDbCommand
   adp.SelectCommand.CommandText =
"SELECT * FROM tblTree WHERE ParentID = " & nParentID
   adp.SelectCommand.Connection = cnt

   Dim rows As DataRowCollection = ds.Tables(0).Rows
   Dim row As DataRow

   For Each row In rows
      aKey.Add("C" & Convert.ToString(row("ID")))

End Sub

The grid is created by handling the OnShowGridItems event; in the event handler method the grid rows number is set. Then the I3HTreeCtrl fires an event per each grid cell according to the cell type (so for instance it fires the OnShowGridItemValue for standard cells, the OnShowGridItemImageValue for image cells, and so on).

The data edited by the user are saved back to the database by handling the OnGridItemsValueChange method.

Private Sub i3htree_OnGridItemsValueChange(
  ByRef aKey As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aCol As System.Collections.ArrayList, _
  ByRef aNewValue As System.Collections.ArrayList) _
  Handles i3htree.OnGridItemsValueChangesp;                           
 Handles i3htree.OnGridItemsValueChange

   Dim i As Int32

   For i = 0 To aKey.Count - 1
      Dim sKey As String = aKey(i)
      Dim nCol As Int32 = aCol(i)
      Dim oValue As Object = aNewValue(i)

      'save to database;  'save to database

End Sub


To get the latest version

I will post any major version on CodeProject; if you wish to get the code of latest version of the I3HTree just visit

Release R0.22 (22-Ago-2004)


The control changes its name from I3HTreeCtrl to I3HTree.For existing projects you shall make the following changes:

  • In all .vb files you shall change all the declarations from
    Protected WithEvents i3htree As I3HTreeCtrl.I3HTreeCtrl
    Protected WithEvents i3htree As I3HTreeCtrl.I3HTree
  • In all .aspx files you shall change all the declarations from
    <cc1:I3HTreeCtrl id="i3htree" runat="server"></cc1:I3HTreeCtrl>
    <cc1:I3HTree id="i3htree" runat="server"></cc1:I3HTree>

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed compilation error that occured when trying to use the component inside a C# project.

New features:

  • Added enumGridSaveStyle style. This allow to have a postback anytime a control value (textbox, combobox, checkbox) is changed without having to wait the page submit. This is useful if a cell modification has to trigger another cell modification.
  • Changed OnShowGridItemValue and OnShowGridItemTextValue events to support value and display value for handling formatted field like currencies, date, and so on.

Misc changes:

  • Class CI3Node, added Tree public property.
  • Class CI3ColValue, GetDisplayValue, GetValue, and SetValue methods.

Release R0.21 (09-Jul-2004)

Fixed bugs:

  • Tree node item does not create correctly if target attribute is set.
  • If more that one grid type is defined the grid columns headers are wrong; to solve the problem and to simply the columns management a new class (CI3Grid) has been added to group column headers.

New features:

  • Added ability to set the Grid caption

Release R0.20 (02-Jul-2004)

First release.


This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here


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