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Articles: 7

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Database Development
Data Visualization
21 May 2017   Updated: 21 Jun 2017   Rating: 4.88/5    Votes: 41   Popularity: 7.87
Licence: CPOL    Views: 68,165     Bookmarked: 26   Downloaded: 433
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Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
Desktop Programming
Windows Forms
22 Dec 2009   Updated: 22 Dec 2009   Rating: 4.87/5    Votes: 49   Popularity: 8.18
Licence: CPOL    Views: 54,673     Bookmarked: 46   Downloaded: 546
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A Windows Forms control to model the behaviour of a hypocycloid curve.
Programming Languages
2 Sep 2020   Updated: 10 Nov 2020   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 3.01
Licence: CPOL    Views: 5,157     Bookmarked: 7   Downloaded: 130
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Windows Forms .NET Core app enables to show, search, edit and store lyrics within 7z-archive
Web Development
6 Jan 2015   Updated: 21 Jan 2015   Rating: 4.85/5    Votes: 39   Popularity: 7.67
Licence: CPOL    Views: 56,523     Bookmarked: 40   Downloaded: 2,806
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Object-oriented approach to Web Application developing using JavaScript
4 Nov 2013   Updated: 7 Nov 2013   Rating: 4.89/5    Votes: 17   Popularity: 6.02
Licence: CPOL    Views: 26,341     Bookmarked: 34   Downloaded: 1,640
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ActiveX component for 3D visualization, embedded in different client applications.
31 Dec 2009   Updated: 1 Jan 2010   Rating: 4.44/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 4.44
Licence: CPOL    Views: 22,302     Bookmarked: 23   Downloaded: 407
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How to use Reflection to plug in unknown components with predefined behaviour.
28 Sep 2011   Updated: 28 Sep 2011   Rating: 4.43/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 2.67
Licence: CPOL    Views: 19,774     Bookmarked: 6   Downloaded: 256
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AntiBot control using HTML5 rotating feature

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Alexander Chernosvitov
Instructor / Trainer Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic Universi
Russian Federation Russian Federation
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University professor,
Microsoft Authorized Educational Center trainer,
Microsoft Certified Professional (C# Desktop Apps and MFC)
Lectures on OOP, C# and C++, Windows programming with C# and C++.
Have long practice and experience in finding the right way to formulate and numerically solve differential equations.