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Articles: 6

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Desktop Programming
Windows Forms
14 Feb 2006   Updated: 3 Mar 2006   Rating: 4.69/5    Votes: 16   Popularity: 5.37
Licence: Not specified    Views: 141,403     Bookmarked: 82   Downloaded: 2,287
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Extending the RichTextBox to support form persistance and data binding.
27 Feb 2005   Updated: 27 Feb 2005   Rating: 4.92/5    Votes: 52   Popularity: 8.22
Licence: Not specified    Views: 343,067     Bookmarked: 256   Downloaded: 7,271
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Allow your DataGrid to edit pictures and a whole range of other data types.
Programming Languages
24 Sep 2004   Updated: 24 Sep 2004   Rating: 4.89/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 6.02
Licence: Custom    Views: 104,163     Bookmarked: 77   Downloaded: 3,737
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Article to accompany source for controls to edit a wide range of data types and/or complex DataSets
Web Development
17 Feb 2005   Updated: 28 Feb 2005   Rating: 4.56/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 4.56
Licence: Custom    Views: 63,750     Bookmarked: 42   Downloaded: 1,101
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An alternative to the standard DataBinder that can handle missing data and validation failures
7 Oct 2007   Updated: 7 Oct 2007   Rating: 4.62/5    Votes: 8   Popularity: 4.17
Licence: LGPL3    Views: 32,382     Bookmarked: 30   Downloaded: 290
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A rule driven engine for colorizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
3 Oct 2007   Updated: 3 Oct 2007   Rating: 2.33/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 1.11
Licence: Not specified    Views: 35,331     Bookmarked: 8   Downloaded: 132
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Create Rich UIs within a Web Browser with a minimum of fuss

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Declan Brennan
Web Developer
Ireland Ireland
Declan Brennan is Chief Architect for Sekos Technology ( Over the years he has worked in a huge range of technologies and environments and still gets a great thrill from the magic of computers.