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Articles by Neil Yao (Articles: 9)

Articles: 9

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Desktop Programming
Posted: 23 Oct 2001   Updated: 23 Oct 2001   Views: 700,355   Rating: 4.91/5    Votes: 32   Popularity: 7.25
Licence: Custom License      Bookmarked: 110   Downloaded: 8,810
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An XP-style ownerdrawn menu with support for background images and icon shadow
Posted: 3 Dec 2001   Updated: 3 Dec 2001   Views: 205,255   Rating: 4.85/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 5.97
Licence: Custom License      Bookmarked: 67   Downloaded: 4,260
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A ToolBarCtrl based menubar control using CMenuXP
Posted: 3 Nov 2002   Updated: 3 Nov 2002   Views: 68,060   Rating: 4.85/5    Votes: 16   Popularity: 5.71
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 27   Downloaded: 1,088
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A little useful tool to change style and position of any window
Posted: 16 May 2004   Updated: 16 May 2004   Views: 213,020   Rating: 4.75/5    Votes: 36   Popularity: 7.33
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 113   Downloaded: 12,322
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Introduces the framework of a skin plug-in implementation.
Posted: 14 Sep 2005   Updated: 14 Sep 2005   Views: 80,845   Rating: 4.82/5    Votes: 26   Popularity: 6.66
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 50   Downloaded: 2,593
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A reusable WTL base class to support AppBar
Posted: 19 Sep 2005   Updated: 19 Sep 2005   Views: 127,708   Rating: 4.96/5    Votes: 23   Popularity: 6.45
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 69   Downloaded: 5,127
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A reusable WTL base class to add buttons on the caption bar.
Programming Languages
Posted: 31 Mar 2004   Updated: 31 Mar 2004   Views: 1,326,230   Rating: 4.35/5    Votes: 33   Popularity: 6.43
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 61   Downloaded: 5,090
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A base class to ease the work of calling a webservice in C++.
Posted: 25 Jun 2002   Updated: 19 Mar 2003   Views: 257,167   Rating: 4.54/5    Votes: 21   Popularity: 5.80
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 73   Downloaded: 9,763
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A simple logfile to record runtime information
Posted: 25 Jun 2002   Updated: 25 Jun 2002   Views: 298,842   Rating: 4.76/5    Votes: 36   Popularity: 7.16
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 82   Downloaded: 2,423
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Make using of dll functions much easy

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Neil Yao
China China
I'm a chinese programer living in Shanghai, currently working for a software company whose main business is to deliver computer based testing. Software simulation for computer based testing and certifications is my main responsibility in this company. Execpt for software development, I like out-door activities and photography. I am willing to make friends in China and all over the world, so contact me if you have anything in common with meSmile | :)