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High Performance Computing
Parallel Processing
12 Sep 2005   Updated: 26 Apr 2006   Rating: 4.83/5    Votes: 31   Popularity: 7.14
Licence: Not specified    Views: 193,484     Bookmarked: 127   Downloaded: 1,595
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Lock-Free Object Pool, Lock-Free Queue, and Thread Pool for Managed IOCP.
Programming Languages
10 Aug 2004   Updated: 25 Aug 2004   Rating: 4.41/5    Votes: 22   Popularity: 5.73
Licence: Not specified    Views: 92,385     Bookmarked: 45   Downloaded: 731
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Asynchronous message processing infrastructure for .NET applications.
4 May 2005   Updated: 26 Apr 2006   Rating: 4.92/5    Votes: 76   Popularity: 9.14
Licence: Not specified    Views: 409,830     Bookmarked: 259   Downloaded: 5,324
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A fully managed .NET implementation of Win32 IOCP's waitable event queuing mechanism.
18 Sep 2006   Updated: 18 Sep 2006   Rating: 4.94/5    Votes: 53   Popularity: 8.44
Licence: Not specified    Views: 200,366     Bookmarked: 113   Downloaded: 0
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Understand the internal working of anonymous methods in C# 2.0.
3 Oct 2006   Updated: 3 Oct 2006   Rating: 4.93/5    Votes: 88   Popularity: 9.51
Licence: Not specified    Views: 234,944     Bookmarked: 228   Downloaded: 1,122
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A C# 2.0 library for executing parts of a method code asynchronously using Anonymous Methods and ManagedIOCP.
13 Sep 2007   Updated: 13 Sep 2007   Rating: 4.91/5    Votes: 124   Popularity: 10.22
Licence: Not specified    Views: 498,063     Bookmarked: 256   Downloaded: 0
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Understand the internals of .Net types from a CLR perspective

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India India
Software Professional with 14+ Years of experience in design & development of server products using Microsoft Technologies.

Woked/Working on server side product development using Managed C++ & C#, including Thread pools, Asynchronous Procedure Calls (APC), Inter Process Communication (IPC) using named pipes, Lock Free data structures in C++ & .Net, etc.