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Articles by Ashley Davis (Articles: 13, Tip/Trick: 1)

Articles: 13, Tip/Trick: 1

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Posted: 25 Jul 2016   Updated: 25 Jul 2016   Views: 11,711   Rating: 4.57/5    Votes: 5   Popularity: 3.20
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 7   Downloaded: 0
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Covers theory, principles and practical techniques to help your testing efforts.
Desktop Programming
Posted: 4 Jun 2010   Updated: 21 Mar 2011   Views: 622,755   Rating: 4.96/5    Votes: 125   Popularity: 10.32
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 270   Downloaded: 43,921
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Examines a custom content control that can be used to zoom and pan its content
Posted: 16 Apr 2011   Updated: 1 Sep 2019   Views: 416,258   Rating: 4.97/5    Votes: 175   Popularity: 11.12
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 410   Downloaded: 17,414
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This article examines the use and implementation of a WPF custom control that is used to display and edit networks, graphs and flow-charts.
Posted: 23 Dec 2010   Updated: 23 Dec 2010   Views: 100,787   Rating: 4.79/5    Votes: 24   Popularity: 6.52
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 55   Downloaded: 3,636
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Explains how to create a control whose position you can data-bind a property to
Posted: 20 Jan 2011   Updated: 20 Jan 2011   Views: 134,154   Rating: 4.89/5    Votes: 40   Popularity: 7.83
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 59   Downloaded: 11,687
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Describes a technique for implementing drag selection in WPF (bonus: also multiple item dragging).
Posted: 25 Jan 2010   Updated: 15 Mar 2011   Views: 349,525   Rating: 4.97/5    Votes: 87   Popularity: 9.48
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 179   Downloaded: 23,491
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Examines a custom class that allows adorners to be defined in XAML.
Posted: 10 Aug 2011   Updated: 9 Oct 2011   Views: 189,651   Rating: 4.87/5    Votes: 49   Popularity: 8.19
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 135   Downloaded: 9,002
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Demonstrates a technique for integrating AvalonDock with an MVVM application.
Posted: 10 Oct 2016   Updated: 10 Oct 2016   Views: 10,181   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 1   Popularity: 0.00
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 4   Downloaded: 0
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A look at version control from the game developers perspective
Unit Testing
Posted: 18 Jan 2014   Updated: 21 Jan 2014   Views: 304,638   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 102   Popularity: 10.03
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 139   Downloaded: 5,758
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Documents my experiment building a flowchart with web technologies.
Programming Languages
Posted: 9 Jul 2015   Updated: 9 Jul 2015   Views: 19,950   Rating: 4.98/5    Votes: 14   Popularity: 5.54
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 32   Downloaded: 0
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In this article we talk about our experience making the promises pattern work for game development. We aim to explain how promises can improve your game development process.
Web Development
Posted: 5 Jan 2016   Updated: 16 Feb 2017   Views: 40,736   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 20   Popularity: 6.39
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 24   Downloaded: 527
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A demo of Highstock using Data-Forge with financial data loaded from Yahoo
Posted: 9 Nov 2012   Updated: 9 Nov 2012   Views: 46,870   Rating: 4.90/5    Votes: 6   Popularity: 3.81
Licence: The MIT License      Bookmarked: 9   Downloaded: 1,347
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Introducing Investigo: Using a Proxy DLL and embedded HTTP server for DirectX9 Performance Analysis, Debugging and Automated Performance Testing
Posted: 7 Jan 2018   Updated: 7 Jan 2018   Views: 22,676   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 2   Popularity: 1.51
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 4   Downloaded: 0
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How to download daily and intraday stock market data from Alpha Vantage from the command line and with Node.js and JavaScript.

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Programming Languages
Posted: 29 Apr 2014   Updated: 29 Apr 2014   Views: 26,432   Rating: 4.93/5    Votes: 13   Popularity: 5.32
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 14   Downloaded: 423
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The technique presented here is a simple method of resampling and aggregating time series.

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Ashley Davis
Chief Technology Officer Sortal
Australia Australia
My new book, Bootstrapping Microservices, is a practical and project-based guide to building distributed applications with microservices:

My first book, Data Wrangling with JavaScript, is a comprehensive overview of working with data in JavaScript:

Data-Forge Notebook is my notebook-style application for data transformation, analysis and visualizatiion in JavaScript:

I have a long history in software development with many years in apps, web apps, serious games, sims and VR. Making technology work for business is what I do: building bespoke software solutions that span multiple platforms.

I have years of experience managing teams, preparing technical strategies and creation of software products. I can explain complicated technology to senior management. I have delivered cutting-edge products in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. I know how to focus and prioritize to get the important things done.

I am a passionate technologist and agile practitioner. I have had great success with TDD and am convinced of its ability to produce better code that stabilizes more quickly while being evolved rapidly. I'm a fan of functional programming and its potential for safety, predictability & concurrency.

I contribute to open source and have founded multiple industry groups.

I'm also a keen systems trader, currently trading stocks on the ASX.

Creator of Market Wizard:

Creator of Data-Forge and Data-Forge Notebook:


Open source



Management of teams & projects
Making sense of technology for senior management
Developing technical strategies
Data wrangling & visualiz