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Desktop Programming
30 Dec 2007   Updated: 14 May 2008   Rating: 2.36/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 1.42
Licence: CPOL    Views: 98,760     Bookmarked: 54   Downloaded: 0
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GUI automation for the purpose of driving or controlling an application via its GUI
Programming Languages
10 Aug 2006   Updated: 16 Jul 2007   Rating: 4.44/5    Votes: 14   Popularity: 4.95
Licence: CPOL    Views: 241,932     Bookmarked: 20   Downloaded: 1,313
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Covers how to automate web activity that involves Java applets or Flash content making HTTP requests as well as standard web automation
Web Development
14 Jul 2007   Updated: 8 Jan 2010   Rating: 2.86/5    Votes: 9   Popularity: 2.73
Licence: CPOL    Views: 56,230     Bookmarked: 49   Downloaded: 774
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Some libraries for making HTTP requests with session state persistence. Support for .NET, VBScript, JavaScript, C/C++, and Java.
14 Jul 2007   Updated: 14 Jul 2007   Rating: 1.76/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 1.68
Licence: CPOL    Views: 40,772     Bookmarked: 18   Downloaded: 0
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Framework for porting code between different languauges and platforms through a standard XML schema.
27 Jun 2006   Updated: 8 Dec 2014   Rating: 4.70/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 5.66
Licence: CPOL    Views: 316,753     Bookmarked: 77   Downloaded: 4,079
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An article on creating and using a web browser (IE only) compatible ink or drawing control using the Microsoft Tablet PC SDK version 1.7. A sample pre-built control is provided for use and demonstration.
4 Nov 2006   Updated: 30 Dec 2007   Rating: 3.28/5    Votes: 24   Popularity: 4.52
Licence: CPOL    Views: 343,384     Bookmarked: 123   Downloaded: 4,921
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A beginner's guide on how to send emails (via SMTP) and SMS text messages when you don't have adequate access to the necessary resources

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Software Developer
United States United States
Practitioner of C#, .NET, C++, C, ASP, VBScript, Windows Scripting Host, JScript, Perl, Perlscript, ADO.

Interested in automation, systems & application integration, web services & applications, and mobile computing.