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Article: 1, Tip/Tricks: 3

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Web Development
22 Feb 2009   Updated: 22 Feb 2009   Rating: 4.50/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 2.71
Licence: CPOL    Views: 21,220     Bookmarked: 28   Downloaded: 174
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Cache server response to reduce server load.

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Programming Languages
13 Jan 2010   Updated: 22 Jan 2010   Rating: 4.75/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 2.86
Licence: CPOL    Views: 5,840     Bookmarked: 3   Downloaded: 0
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You can wrap the functions into a class and use the default class life cycle to your advantage.<?phpclass Cache{ const DIRECTORY = '../cache/'; const TIME = 600; protected $cache_directory; private $using_cached_file = false; public function __construct( $cache_directory =...
25 Jan 2010   Updated: 25 Jan 2010   Rating: 4.22/5    Votes: 9   Popularity: 4.03
Licence: CPOL    Views: 12,321     Bookmarked: 4   Downloaded: 0
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More validation can be applied when handling default values. I am not a fan of outputing anything directly from a class, I prefer to return the links as an array. It's easier to maintain. This way, when/if you change the styling; then it saves having to trawl through your classes.<?phpclass...
22 Jan 2010   Updated: 3 Feb 2010   Rating: 3.67/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 1.75
Licence: CPOL    Views: 4,230     Bookmarked: 2   Downloaded: 0
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There is a bug with your regex.Say for example that you were refered to by, your code would return 'example'. If, however, you were refered to by, it would return 'oops'.The simple fix is to change the limitation variable from...

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