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Custom Controls
Posted: 8 Aug 2004   Updated: 8 Aug 2004   Views: 100,770   Rating: 1.88/5    Votes: 4   Popularity: 1.13
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 25   Downloaded: 627
Guest Entry form with an XML control.
Posted: 31 Aug 2004   Updated: 31 Aug 2004   Views: 712,192   Rating: 4.28/5    Votes: 25   Popularity: 5.90
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 110   Downloaded: 3,663
A tutorial on connecting to SQL 2000 Server.
Other databases
Posted: 4 Jan 2008   Updated: 6 Jan 2008   Views: 26,520   Rating: 2.00/5    Votes: 2   Popularity: 0.60
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 12   Downloaded: 0
An HTML Native web Service on SQL Anywhere Database Server
SQL Reporting Services
Posted: 9 Aug 2004   Updated: 9 Aug 2004   Views: 155,361   Rating: 4.33/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 4.14
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 39   Downloaded: 0
Walkthrough of generating a report from a SQL 2000 Server using the Reporting Services.
Posted: 2 Sep 2004   Updated: 2 Sep 2004   Views: 77,440   Rating: 3.33/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 1.59
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 21   Downloaded: 194
Describes importing of an Access 2000 parametric report into SQL 2000 Reporting Services.
Posted: 10 Sep 2004   Updated: 10 Sep 2004   Views: 303,690   Rating: 4.89/5    Votes: 12   Popularity: 4.89
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 64   Downloaded: 0
A step-by-step approach to creating a report from scratch using the SQl Server 2000 Reporting Services.
Posted: 16 Aug 2004   Updated: 16 Aug 2004   Views: 55,470   Rating: 3.33/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 1.59
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 10   Downloaded: 0
Frame-like navigation is possible with limited extent using Page Fragments
Posted: 15 Aug 2004   Updated: 20 Aug 2004   Views: 193,663   Rating: 4.00/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 4.00
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 41   Downloaded: 0
Describes the migration of a simple VB project to VB.NET.
Web Services
Posted: 11 Aug 2004   Updated: 11 Aug 2004   Views: 211,150   Rating: 3.50/5    Votes: 6   Popularity: 2.72
Licence: Custom License      Bookmarked: 35   Downloaded: 0
A code walk to expose a Crystal Report as a Web Service
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Technical Writer Hodentek
United States United States
Worked in the area of electrical discharges, high energy lasers, high voltage technology, plasma technology, lithography, thin film plastics, superconducting thin films, diamond thin films, electron accelerators, and free electron lasers for several years. Mentored/guided MS and PhD students at several universities in USA, Brazil, Australia, and India.
Reading books and photography are my hobbies.

Also trained workforce clients with legacy computer skills in web related technologies.

I recently authored a beginner level book on MS SQL Server Integration Services. Details available at the following link:

My second book was released in 2008
Learn SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Get book details at the following site:

This is for anyone who is interested in Reporting Services a la Microsoft. It has over 50 hands-on exercises and covers all aspects of Reporting Services.

Recent new books:

Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development 2010
-A Comprehensive book on SQL Azure

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development 2011
A step-by-step approach that is sure to work

Learning SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Packt Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-84968-992-2 , 2013