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Desktop Programming
14 Oct 2004   Updated: 14 Oct 2004   Rating: 4.06/5    Votes: 26   Popularity: 5.53
Licence: Not specified    Views: 279,339     Bookmarked: 61   Downloaded: 13,479
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Using this Tab control the user can manage their dialogs in different Tab panes.
17 Jan 2005   Updated: 31 Jan 2005   Rating: 1.94/5    Votes: 14   Popularity: 2.09
Licence: Not specified    Views: 65,523     Bookmarked: 27   Downloaded: 3,562
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For my knowledge this is really simple and effective server application to handle multiple clients simultaniousy and completely independently.
12 Jun 2007   Updated: 12 Jun 2007   Rating: 2.38/5    Votes: 6   Popularity: 1.86
Licence: Not specified    Views: 36,570     Bookmarked: 16   Downloaded: 818
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This is to understand and impliment user define window mesages, and how to pass arguments through message
Windows Forms
11 Sep 2009   Updated: 11 Sep 2009   Rating: 4.92/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 5.12
Licence: CPOL    Views: 110,970     Bookmarked: 62   Downloaded: 15,085
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Create your own customized title bar instead of using the traditional Windows title bar
Programming Languages
22 Nov 2006   Updated: 5 Jun 2007   Rating: 2.67/5    Votes: 20   Popularity: 3.47
Licence: CPOL    Views: 102,964     Bookmarked: 31   Downloaded: 3,382
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An easy way to develop interfaces with the tab control.

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Software Developer (Senior)
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
I am working as a Tech Lead. I love VC++.
I am trying to get into new technologies coming with VC++ and also in other areas too.

Currently I am working in C# .Net as well...

Now I have sound knowledge in C# as well as in VC++.