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by Gautham Prabhu K
How "Cognitive Loading" impacts UX designing and what software engineering needs to take into account while developing their products
by Clifford Nelson
The DatePicker, in my mind, is a partial fix to many of the problems with a simple TextBox date entry. How would you like to be able to type “66” in a text box that takes a date and have it interpret it as “June 6th”? Or enter “FR” and have it interpreted as the previous Friday. Or enter “thanks” an


by Gautham Prabhu K on technical blog "Cognitive Loading in UX Design"
by BillW33 on technical blog "Cognitive Loading in UX Design"
by Gautham Prabhu K on technical blog "Cognitive Loading in UX Design"
by Marc Clifton on technical blog "Cognitive Loading in UX Design"
by Member 11728549 on Article "Building Better Buttons in Expression...
13 Jul 2010
Alan Beasley
The WC Door button, covering all the missing skills needed to create the buttons shown in my 1st tutorial. As well as all 10 buttons for download!
3 Apr 2010
Alan Beasley
A beginner's guide to building robust, scalable, and easily editable buttons. As well as covering Template Binding to the Style, Layout, Animation, Opacity Masks, Scalability, and Reuse.
19 Sep 2012
Chris Maunder
Rethinking the design and layout of using the design language formerly known as Metro.
4 Apr 2010
Alan Beasley
Discover the power of the Grid object, & how it controls the Layout of your UserControl. As well as discussing Center Point.
29 Sep 2011
Meshack Musundi
A WPF application that replicates the Windows 8 Start screen
7 Apr 2012
Shai Raiten
My first Windows 8 application, Metro Puzzle.
14 Apr 2010
Alan Beasley
How to Style a more complicated Control, than just a simple button, starting with the ScrollBars!
21 Nov 2004
Mathieu Jacques
Transposing the usability principles, traditionally used in GUI design, to library and component interface design
30 Jan 2012
Garry Lowther
Why Javascript/JQuery/HTML/CSS/DOM is creating an awful mess
11 May 2010
Alan Beasley
Simulating a random motion animation without code, using Spirographic Shapes, PathListBoxes, Storyboards & Behaviours
22 Jan 2002
Matt Gullett
Usability: The myth of efficiency.
6 May 2010
Alan Beasley
Explanation and examples of Additional Templates and Generated Content of a ListBox. Covering Layout, Transitions, and Animation.
9 Jun 2010
Alan Beasley
How to build your first re-useable Control from scratch in Expression Blend.
22 May 2013
Colin Eberhardt
Describes the development of a Windows 8 Reversi game, covering the topics of UI design, the minimax algorithm and an interesting use for Linq.
29 Aug 2004
Trenton Moss
That's right - this search engine optimisation article is telling you not to submit your website to any search engines
7 Mar 2006
Cohen Shwartz Oren
This article describes several UI design rules; complying with them, I believe, will be a good start for a better UI application.
12 Jul 2012
Meshack Musundi
A Metro tile puzzle game
21 May 2013
Xomega Team
A design pattern and implementation example for building advanced search forms
26 Apr 2010
Alan Beasley
How to Style the Control Template of a ListBox in a small MVVM application. Discussing multiple Styles, nested Controls, Resource Dictionaries, Similar Control Templates (TreeView), Control Reuse & a few other tips...
12 Mar 2012
Shai Raiten
Getting Started with Windows 8 Metro App Development in JavaScript
13 Feb 2006
The number of older web users is growing at a dramatic rate. Find out how to make your website easy to use for this lucrative market.
10 Apr 2010
User-driven applications are the programs in which full control is given to the users. Designers of such programs are responsible only for developing an instrument for solving some task, but they do not enforce users to work with this instrument according with a predefined scenario.
6 Nov 2013
Farhan Ghumra
A Metro style app for basic drawing feature.
17 Sep 2012
Chris Maunder, Pete O'Hanlon
The Fake Project - The first two days of a Code Project redesign.
19 Apr 2013
Farhan Ghumra
How to draw a driving route direction with Bing Maps in C#/XAML in a Windows 8 app.
17 Jun 2005
Are search engine optimisation and usability compatible? Aren't there trade-offs that need to be made between giving search engines what they want and giving people what they want? Read on and find out (although I'm sure you can guess the answer!)...
15 Jun 2010
Trenton Moss
When designing a website, there are key user behaviours that should be taken into account. But in order to take them into account, it helps to know them. Below are 10 of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing.
3 Oct 2004
Trenton Moss
Because of this unique ‘choose-your-own adventure’ way the Internet is structured, it's essential that we can find and understand links quickly
22 Jul 2016
Ashish Shukla - as
Create a single responsive website for different device sizes such as for large desktop devices, laptop devices tablet devices and on mobile devices. This article describes the basic concepts of creating responsive website using Bootstrap.
29 Jan 2013
Sacha Barber
Simple Windows 8 app that tries to have some fun with sensors
30 Sep 2012
Shai Raiten
Live SDK provides a set of controls and APIs that enable applications to integrate single sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft accounts and access information from SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Windows Live Messenger on Windows Phone and Windows 8.
17 Jan 2012
_Kunal Chowdhury_
In this first part (10 mint Video Tutorial), we will learn how to get started with the Project and also we will learn the project structure. Later we will have a small demo to show you how to develop your first “Hello Metro Style Application” using Visual Studio 2011 IDE. Continue to the tutorial to
23 Sep 2011
A look at how to enable Frame Rate Counter for XAML Applications in Windows 8
20 Aug 2008
Learn how to create good looking apps without using a line of code!
14 Feb 2005
Trenton Moss
Web accessibility has so many benefits that I really do wonder why such a large number of websites have such diabolically bad accessibility
28 Oct 2012
Tutorial on developing apps for windows 8
7 Oct 2011
A look at how to enable Frame Rate Counter for HTML Applications in Windows 8
26 May 2004
Trenton Moss
Web usability is no longer enough
27 Nov 2012
Tutorial on developing apps for windows 8
14 Feb 2005
Trenton Moss
An additional benefit of website accessibility is an improved performance in search engines.
17 Jun 2005
Guidelines that provide a good start in increasing website accessibility to disabled people.
2 Nov 2004
Trenton Moss
Site visitors will leave your site. And there's nothing you can do about this.
17 Jun 2005
Certain guidelines you should be sure to follow when writing content for your website.
14 Jan 2014
Article explain the importance of background processing in Windows 8 Store App development and how to create a background process in Windows 8 Store App
12 Oct 2007
Jacky Yiu
Trying to use PNG to make a magic card for your friend
25 Oct 2010
This example shows how and where to implement the strategy design pattern.
23 Dec 2008
Step by step Expression Blend 2 tutorial on how to draw and design a Commerical Software Box.
11 May 2005
Trenton Moss
A website is like an information flow, with you as the provider and your site visitors as the receivers of the information. If you don't plan your website with this in mind, you could find yourself with a brand new website that solves all your immediate needs... but not those of your site visitors.
30 Aug 2005
Simply ensuring your website is accessible to screen reader users is unfortunately not enough to ensure these users can find what they're looking for in a reasonably quick and efficient manner
5 Aug 2007
Trenton Moss
Split A/B testing is ideal for testing two web page designs to find out which is the best. Find out how A/B testing works and when to use it.

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