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The top 50 Tip/Tricks on Web Development

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by Kalvin Lawrence Ernst
Generate a multi-layered web app instantly, directly from a database (SQL Server). Only uses jQuery & vanilla javascript, and does NOT use JavaScript libraries/frameworks, such as AngularJS, React, Vue, etc.
by honey the codewitch
A simple home HTTP server that works across all .NET platforms
by Michael Gledhill
A cheatsheet for getting your Web APIs up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible
by ArindamNayak
This article demonstrates how to integrate any application with slack and utilize your application capabilities in slack interface.


by on article "ASP.NET Core CRUD Operations With...
by on article "ASP.NET Core CRUD Operations With...
by on article "ASP.NET Core CRUD Operations With...
by on article "ASP.NET Core CRUD Operations With...
23 Feb 2015
Aesthetic enhancement of HTML5 web elements via pure CSS3; no image files required
4 Sep 2016
Rajdeep Debnath
Useful tools for ASP.NET developers
25 Nov 2015
ASP.NET Community
Links to ASP.NET Open Source Projects
27 Nov 2011
Ram Balak Sharma
Best practices for ASP.NET code for improving performance.
7 Jan 2016
Rakhi Shrivastava
This tip explains the step by step approach how we can use Glimpse for easy debugging of the ASP.NET MVC application.
21 Nov 2012
A reusable component for makeing REST service requests using C#
6 Feb 2013
Monjurul Habib
If anyone enters non-encoded HTML content into a text box in an ASP.NET application.
4 Jan 2017
Đinh Công Thắng
You can fill any form, click any button, and extract any data from web by using Web Automation.
15 Jun 2015
SAY IT WITH CSS3! - Online slide show implements "darkbox" pop-up using pure CSS3/HTML5 features
23 Apr 2012
Muhammad Kashif Saeed
this is the send mail or contact form in c#
21 Aug 2012
Pavan Navule
A list of events in the ASP.NET page life cycle.
14 Jul 2013
This tip will help you to develop a webgrid in ASP.NET MVC application.
8 Jul 2013
This article will help you to create partial views in mvc 4 with razor.
22 Feb 2016
This tip will help beginners to implement CRUD operations in ASP.NET MVC 5 using WebAPI 2 with scripting language as AngularJS and Database as MS SQL 2008R2.
18 Nov 2015
Michael Gledhill
A simple example of using AngularJS to turn JSON into a beautiful Master-Detail view !
12 Feb 2014
Easy steps on how to get JSON formatted data from a web service, deserialize it, and map it to custom local class for further usage
5 Oct 2010
Sunasara Imdadhusen
4 alternatives  
6 Oct 2014
Lyubomir Rumenov Velchev
Display Bootstrap Modal Dialog using Version Bootstrap v3.2.0 and v3.0.0 - issue
9 Mar 2015
Komail Haider
.Net control/wrapper for the Google NEW ReCaptcha API 2.0
13 May 2010
Nidhi P Bhargava
1 alternative  
Suppose I want to display Address details in GridView but don't want to display AddressId then I will hide column that displays AddressId. GridView has CheckBox also to select Addresses. Now at runtime on click of button I want to get AddressId of all selected Addresses in that case if I use...
23 Sep 2016
This article will guide you how to implement ASP.NET website with multi-language
18 Jun 2016
Jochen Scharr
Essential logging in one simple, robust, static, thread-safe class. No initialization, no configuration, no dependencies. Don't think, just log.
1 Apr 2014
Yogesh Kumar Tyagi
This tip introduces how to Import data From Excel file to Data Table in ASP.NET MVC4
15 Feb 2015
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Make entire table row clickable/selectable by adding "onclick" event and formatting features via JavaScript and CSS3.
14 Oct 2014
Igor Vigdorchik
Presents 4 JavaScript patterns
7 Jan 2016
Rakhi Shrivastava
This tip explains in a step by step manner as to how we can get performance detail for ASP.NET MVC application using Glimpse.
22 Dec 2010
Sandesh M Patil
How to prevent a drag and drop text and copy paste text in your textbox control
7 Apr 2013
Routing is one of the integral parts of an MVC appliaction
16 Jun 2015
Novel HTML5/CSS3 formatting technique applicable to web Tables and ASP.NET GridView
22 Jan 2013
Sarvesh Kushwaha
How to access elements of a master page in jQuery.
10 Jan 2014
adriancs, Vishal Pand3y, Wombaticus
Sample JavaScript for filtering file extension and file size
25 Nov 2011
Making Text Upside down using CSS
27 Oct 2013
Anoop Kr Sharma
A step by step guide for creating cool scrollbars for website
28 Mar 2012
Prabhat Spark
Creating a Menu and populating items from a database dynamically after user login in ASP.NET.
26 Dec 2012
Sometime, you dont want user press down some special keys such as Ctrl, Shift.. and view the context menu on webpage, you need to define javascript functions to achieve it. The main issue here is there are a lot of browsers and their version too. How we can do it?
7 Mar 2012
Hiren Khirsaria
How to give a strong name to your assembly
15 May 2013
Rohit Taralekar
This article gives you a basic idea about the new developer's API called SignalR.
27 Oct 2013
Notify the users on the progress of time consuming operations in real-time
23 May 2013
How to use the Grid.MVC in ASP.NET MVC
23 Aug 2012
Vitaly Tomilov
Simplest and quickest way to automatically bind array of image bytes to asp:Image object.
21 Jul 2014
Cristian Moldovan
1 alternative  
jQuery unobtrusive validation plugin with Twitter Bootstrap 3 showing error messages as tooltips.
12 Jan 2011
Aman Bhullar
1) Set debug=false under compilation as follows:2) Use Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect.3) Always check Page.IsValid when using Validator Controls4) Use Foreach loop instead of For loop for String Iteration.5) Use Client-Side Validation. (but not all the time you have...
1 Oct 2015
Some useful MVC Attributes (Bind Attribute, HandleError Attribute, HiddenInput Attribute, Remote Attribute)
3 Nov 2013
Hovhannes Bantikyan
This is a simple infinite scroll with Ajax post and JSON. Have fun :)
2 May 2013
Tadit Dash (ତଡିତ୍ କୁମାର ଦାଶ)
This tip will help you to communicate with a cross domain Iframe which is added in the form.
27 Jun 2014
Session in ASP.NET MVC
13 Jun 2015
Pure HTML5 modal pop-up box ("darkbox") implemented via CSS 3
6 May 2016
How to check Email address during user registration with ASP.NET MVC 5