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by g96b10
Musings, tips, and lessons learned from developing a physical device, serverless back-end, and Android app
by Mohammad Nasirifar
code{white-space: pre-wrap;} span.smallcaps{font-variant: small-caps;} span.underline{text-decoration: underline;} div.column{display: inline-block; vertical-align: top; width: 50%;} The What.You have probably heard of the Putnam Competition.
by YasIkeda
This is a testing utility for React-Redux apps that provides hooks to run tests after each redux action.
by Daan Acohen
By using xUnit the right way, your logging can be improved and production problems can be solved easily or even prevented


by on Article "17 Channel Logic Analyzer"
by on Article "17 Channel Logic Analyzer"
by on Article "17 Channel Logic Analyzer"
by on Article "17 Channel Logic Analyzer"
by on Article "17 Channel Logic Analyzer"
12 Nov 2003
Ramon de Klein
A high-performance, complete and compact serial library for C++
12 Mar 2014
A simple USB hardware/software application to torment others
19 Mar 2008
Alireza . Shirazi
An article to demonstrate how to get system hardware information such as CPU ID, Hard Disk serial number and so on
8 Nov 2012
Marc Clifton
Some tips on writing a decent article.
25 Feb 2020
A digital oscilloscope with serial analyzer for the parallel port
7 May 2018
An electronic door lock that replaces a mechanic key by an RFID card or RFID token.
12 Nov 2016
Serial communication in C#.
10 Aug 2015
Displays system information like free disk space and free memory on the desktop.
9 Mar 2015
Steve Messer, Emma Burrows
Windows XP supports multiple keyboards, but by default, the .Net Framework will treat them all as one. This article explains how to use the Windows API Raw Input methods to support multiple keyboards from a C# application.
1 Feb 2010
A satirical look at bad programming techniques
8 Nov 2007
Jan Dolinay
An article on detecting insertion and removal of removable drives in C#
14 Jul 2013
How to stay healthy and fit, while working a career that requires you to sit for long periods of time.
10 Jun 2015
Sergey Podobry, Apriorit Inc
This tutorial will show you how to develop a simple file system filter driver.
30 Jan 2015
This is an FAQ for the ratings and reputation sytems on Code Project. It can be modified by any Silver member.
15 Feb 2010
Apriorit Inc, Gena Marianichenko
This article is oriented to Windows-developers and considers how to create virtual disk in Windows system.
26 Mar 2020
Michael Haephrati
How a computer can be identified in order to generate a unique ID
1 Jun 2007
Pete O'Hanlon
A guide to getting along nicely in the forums
14 Jan 2014
When discussing VB6, we should look at the reality of the situation and not on preconceived opinions. New source code projects are made daily in Visual Basic 6.0. The paper proposes the reintroduction of Visual Basic 6.0 on the market, in parallel with Visual Studio line.
4 Apr 2005
Elias Bachaalany
An article showing how you can programmatically check if your code is running inside a virtual machine (such as VPC or VMWare).
31 Mar 2004
Chris Maunder
Google runs on 10,000 Linux servers so we figured we'd go one better: 1000 clustered iPaqs! Read about the trials and tribulations of our move to a new server farm.