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by gmtzgtz
Going through a sample that shows how to write a LINQ statement with multiple joins
by PaulKukiel
.NET Core 3.1, Docker, postgres, swagger quick start
by Daan Acohen
Some functionality of Moq can be really important but can also be easily forgotten as explained here
by Cinchoo
Simple JSON reader for .NET


by on article "Access to EXIF tags in JPEG files"
by on article "A Fast and Lightweight Solution for...
by on article "The Dispose Pattern is Broken"
by on article "The Dispose Pattern is Broken"
by on Article "Conceptual Children: A powerful new...
21 Nov 2005
Jim Hollenhorst
Learn how to use regular expressions in 30 minutes with Expresso.
13 Feb 2008
Sacha Barber
An introduction into the WPF layout system.
10 Oct 2012
Barry Lapthorn
A quick example of MVVM in WPF
5 Feb 2005
Toby Opferman
This article will go into the basics of creating a simple driver.
28 Mar 2006
Jeff Glatt
How to create/use COM components in plain C, without MFC, ATL, WTL, or any other framework.
23 Nov 2013
Philipp Sumi
A NotifyIcon for WPF that leverages several features of the platform.
27 Jul 2000
Michael Dunn
A tutorial for programmers new to COM that explains how to reuse existing COM components, for example, components in the Windows shell.
22 Jul 2011
Sacha Barber
How to create a peer-to-peer chat application using Windows Communication Foundation
3 Sep 2015
Tim Corey
Learn how to use log4net without fear. Stop copying config files and figure out how to make log4net do exactly what you want.
22 May 2008
Josh Smith
Reviews how using a ViewModel can abstract away the complexities of the WPF TreeView control.
14 May 2012
Shivprasad koirala
An introduction to stack, heap, value types, reference types, boxing, and unboxing.
6 Jan 2004
Wesner Moise
Detailed looked at the implementation of strings in .NET
14 Jul 2003
Mahmoud Nasr
A simple application to show how to create a Windows service.
6 Feb 2014
Shivprasad koirala
In this article I have picked my five favorite features introduced in the .NET 4.5 core framework.
2 Jul 2018
Ciumac Sergiu
Explains sound fingerprinting algorithm, with a practical example of detecting duplicate files on the user's local drive.
2 Dec 2002
Ivo Ivanov
The article demonstrates how to build a user mode Win32 API spying system
22 Dec 2005
Michael Dunn
An introduction to WTL programming for MFC developers.
28 Jun 2007
Jon Rista
Learn how to utilize the powerful new .NET 2.0 configuration features to simplify and centralize your configuration code.
23 Aug 2008
Drag, resize and rotate elements on a Canvas
28 Sep 2005
Dan Farino
How to track down and patch an annoyance in Windows Explorer's code.