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The Weird and The Wonderful forum is a place to post Coding Horrors, Worst Practices, and the occasional flash of brilliance.

We all come across code that simply boggles the mind. Lazy kludges, embarrassing mistakes, horrid workarounds and developers just not quite getting it. And then somedays we come across - or write - the truly sublime.

Post your Best, your worst, and your most interesting. But please - no programming questions . This forum is purely for amusement and discussions on code snippets. All actual programming questions will be removed.

GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Zan Lynx19-Feb-13 11:10
memberZan Lynx19-Feb-13 11:10 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
5urd19-Feb-13 6:01
member5urd19-Feb-13 6:01 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Dave Kreskowiak5-Mar-13 3:55
mveDave Kreskowiak5-Mar-13 3:55 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
RafagaX19-Feb-13 6:22
professionalRafagaX19-Feb-13 6:22 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
jschell19-Feb-13 8:16
memberjschell19-Feb-13 8:16 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Josh_T19-Feb-13 13:40
memberJosh_T19-Feb-13 13:40 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Member 460889823-Feb-13 7:07
memberMember 460889823-Feb-13 7:07 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Ingo26-Feb-13 4:23
memberIngo26-Feb-13 4:23 
We had such discussion in the eighties when programmers wanted to be artists, writing unreadable code just to be irreplaceable.
If you would be one of my programmers I would fire you immediately for this waste of money and time and delivering error-prone code. I thought those times were gone! Dead | X|
Author of Primary ROleplaying SysTem

How do I take my coffee? Black as midnight on a moonless night.
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GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
SarK0Y28-Oct-14 12:13
memberSarK0Y28-Oct-14 12:13 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Ingo28-Oct-14 23:20
memberIngo28-Oct-14 23:20 
QuestionRe: IF-free codes Pin
SarK0Y29-Oct-14 9:16
memberSarK0Y29-Oct-14 9:16 
AnswerRe: IF-free codes Pin
Ingo31-Oct-14 1:41
memberIngo31-Oct-14 1:41 
GeneralRe: IF-free codes Pin
Dave Kreskowiak5-Mar-13 3:53
mveDave Kreskowiak5-Mar-13 3:53 
GeneralSpurious use of goto... Pin
Rob Grainger7-Feb-13 1:46
memberRob Grainger7-Feb-13 1:46 
GeneralRe: Spurious use of goto... Pin
joe_j7-Feb-13 23:37
memberjoe_j7-Feb-13 23:37 
General77 Pin
AspDotNetDev6-Feb-13 12:43
protectorAspDotNetDev6-Feb-13 12:43 
GeneralRe: 77 Pin
Marco Bertschi16-Feb-13 5:17
protectorMarco Bertschi16-Feb-13 5:17 
GeneralRe: 77 Pin
Sander Rossel18-Feb-13 20:48
professionalSander Rossel18-Feb-13 20:48 
GeneralRe: 77 Pin
AspDotNetDev19-Feb-13 7:12
protectorAspDotNetDev19-Feb-13 7:12 
GeneralRe: 77 Pin
AspDotNetDev19-Feb-13 7:15
protectorAspDotNetDev19-Feb-13 7:15 
GeneralRe: 77 Pin
Sander Rossel19-Feb-13 7:22
professionalSander Rossel19-Feb-13 7:22 
Generalworking with Dates... Pin
joe_j6-Feb-13 3:03
memberjoe_j6-Feb-13 3:03 
GeneralRe: working with Dates... Pin
Stefan_Lang7-Feb-13 1:40
memberStefan_Lang7-Feb-13 1:40 
JokeRe: working with Dates... Pin
V.8-Feb-13 0:13
professionalV.8-Feb-13 0:13 
GeneralRe: working with Dates... Pin
joe_j8-Feb-13 0:17
memberjoe_j8-Feb-13 0:17 

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