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by Manjuke Fernando
Using Update Cursors in SQL Server
by pinaldave
First of all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody. I wish you best holiday season. In today’s blog post – I am sharing very small question received by one of the reader. Though simple sometime a small question make people think. He sent me very similar to following image and a
by Rob Kraft
Use a SQL script to generate well formatted stored procedures in SQL Server
by Simon Pickersgill
CodeProjectIn ASP.NET MVC3 the RemoteAttribute class works seamlessly with unobtrusive JavaScript to asynchronously execute server side validation via AJAX.However, one of the problems with this approach arises when JavaScript is disabled on the user's browser.  A thorough approach to validation wil

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by Gregory Morse
Deserialization and serialization classes for JSON objects in native C++ with COM and ATL
by Member 11659695
*Originally published in our old blog on January 2009I ran into a very simple SQL Server performance related question the other day. A puzzled DBA was staring at a simple query “SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE col_n = x”. Since this was a fairly common query that was executed very frequently he had appro
by Daniel Miller
How to download messages from an IMAP server using C#
by Manjuke Fernando
Analyzing SQL Server Error Logs / Agent Logs using T-SQL


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