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by Sean Ewington
An overview of plagiarism that provides examples of what to do and what not to do when it comes to referencing content that is not originally yours.
by Chris Maunder
Some tips and tricks to help you format your articles and tips simply and consistently.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Now with auto-numbering! New Visual Studio Code extension “Extensible Markdown Converter” augments built-in Markdown extension to form all in one toolchain offering convenient editor, rendered document viewer, spell checker and converter to HTML, per CodeProject article submission requirements
by Sean Ewington
This is an FAQ for the Technical Blogs. It can be modified by any Silver member.

Latest Articles

by Daan Acohen
By using xUnit the right way, your logging can be improved and production problems can be solved easily or even prevented
by Daan Acohen
An explanation of how to test validation attributes with xUnit
by Daan Acohen
An explanation of the concept of a Fixture and how it can be used for unit testing and integration testing
by Daan Acohen
The test problems you face when having a database dependency and how to resolve these problems


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    5 Feb 2015
    John Bhatt
    Hi, Today, I am sharing a useful tip about CodeProject. This article is helpful if you are blogger and use CodeProject and want to use CodeProject feed submission. This feature is known as Technical Blog Articles which can be found at left of your profile page just below Blog Feed link.
    3 Aug 2015
    Nikola Breznjak
    Adding excerpts to your WordPress blog homepage in a twentythirteen theme without breaking the CodeProject importer
    11 Apr 2013
    Shivprasad koirala
    In this video blog we will learn Sharepoint Step by Step.