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by Tom Chantler
UPDATE: 2015-07-30 - Works correctly in Windows 10 RTM (10.0.10240) with VS2013 and VS2015 - If you're running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and you don't want to disable User Account Control (UAC) - which you shouldn't and quite possibly can't in a corporate environment - then you get an annoying prompt
by NuttingCDEF
VS2010 *was* painfully slow - now fixed!
by KenBeckett
Creating a CodeDOM for C#
by KenBeckett
Displaying a CodeDOM graphically using WPF

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by Sarthak S
Assembly inspection and hacking with windbg
by MukeshKumarTech
This article will help you to understand how to setup Python environment in existing Visual Studio 2017. If you don’t have Visual Studio 2017 installed and you would like to install it, then you can refer to the below article for step by step information.
by Vlad Neculai Vizitiu
How to generate breakpoints
by Vangos
During the past few months, I have been heavily experimenting with the Intel RealSense D415 & D435 depth camera. Today, I am going to show you how to easily transform between different coordinate systems. RealSense D415/435 is a low-cost device....


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