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by Tom Chantler
UPDATE: 2015-07-30 - Works correctly in Windows 10 RTM (10.0.10240) with VS2013 and VS2015 - If you're running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and you don't want to disable User Account Control (UAC) - which you shouldn't and quite possibly can't in a corporate environment - then you get an annoying prompt
by NuttingCDEF
VS2010 *was* painfully slow - now fixed!
by Kewin Rausch
A tool for translating C/C++ makefile projects in Visual Studio compatible ones
by KenBeckett
Creating a CodeDOM for C#

Latest Articles

by ergohack
This roguish way of moving a WorkItem, directly 'in-place', through SQL leaves all of the previous data associations intact, but portends issues with future major updates and current TFS Data Warehousing.
by codestarman
This project describes an X86 assembler IDE for the MAC developed using JavaFX. The starting point was an X86 emulator developed by the author in C++, which was subsequently ported to C#.
by Zaybu
This tutorial will show how you can compare any .net objects automatically with ZCompare. ZCompare is full autonomous, typesafe .Net object comparison with high resolution control through extensibility and customisation. Compare any objects you want, how you want and easily get the results you need
by Herbert Lausmann
Icon Pro - A C# + WPF open source tool for creating windows icons from PNG images or SVG vectors


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