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by Simon P Stevens
How to set the current directory correctly when running batch scripts as administrator
by Stephane Rodriguez.
Provides a fix to catch otherwise hidden events of MS Internet Explorer
by Christian Rodemeyer
When more than one UDP packet is enqueued on a socket, UdpClient.Receive will receive packets that are not of the expected size.
by Andrey Permamedov
Why an exception raised in timer callback function doesn't leads to process termination.

Latest Articles

by Laurie Stearn
Code attached to a 2003 article updated for Visual Studio 2017.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Reliable solution does the trick: it does not depend on any naming conventions, works for both Python 2 and 3 and offers clear and concise usage syntax
by Jon McKee
A how-to and fixing common errors
by Kewin Rausch
How to patch the Linux kernel with a custom mechanism and without having to reboot the system.


by anhhunggame87 on Article "Load a DBF into a DataTable"
by Merlin87 on tip/trick "[VS2017] ListView Demonstration"
by Laurie Stearn on tip/trick "[VS2017] ListView Demonstration"
by jeffie100 on tip/trick "[VS2017] ListView Demonstration"
by Richard MacCutchan on tip/trick "[VS2017] ListView Demonstration"

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