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Great Reads

by Sike Mullivan
Shows how to do XML serialization on a collection of multiple types when the types are not known.
by Sander Rossel
Using Venn diagrams to visualize sets.
by FatCatProgrammer
Balanced Binary Search Tree (BST) (Search, Delete, PrintInOrder, PrintPreOrder, PrintPostOrder,DepthFirst, BreadthFirst, BalanceTree)
by Qwertie
SparseAList and some AList benchmarks

Latest Articles

by Midi_Mick
Using ATL and STL to create collections of COM objects without circular references
by Nick Tziamihas
In this article, we show how you can execute asynchronous code on the main thread without async, by replicating Unity's coroutine framework.
by Qwertie
The A-list is an all-purpose list, a data structure that can support most standard list operation in O(log n) time and does lots of other stuff, too
by John Jiyang Hou
A List data structure implementation in MASM Assembly with C function realloc

Research Library

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is ideal for sharing information and...


by MarkHenryC on tip/trick "Implementing Unity's Coroutines on...
by Eyüp Erdoğan on tip/trick "How to listen the property changes...
by James Jegers on Article "Custom Sort A List of Objects By Any...
by James Jegers on Article "Custom Sort A List of Objects By Any...
by Eugene Sadovoi on Article "Enhanced ObservableCollection"

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