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by Sheila Pontes
How capture the event open of a pop up, stop this event and open them wherever you wish
by Bryan O'Connell
Design and document your RESTful API using RAML
by MatthewThomas
Adding design time support for regions in Prism 6
by Greg Barbados
This article provides a solution to add data validation to Excel cells in C#.

Latest Articles

by paolo guccini
How to use the Microsoft Interop/Automation to implement parallel research of a Microsoft Office file password.
by favedj
A fully working fix for this longstanding problem, tested in Windows 7 - 10
by wmjordan
MuPDF is an open-sourced, high performance PDF rendering and editing engine written in C. This article describes how to compile its source code to a DLL for use in other programming languages.
by hexgear
Android Recycler View Tutorial


by Mosi_62 on Article "DXF Import .NET: read and view...
by Member 3967988 on technical blog "How to Convert Android View to...
by Marko Ranta on article "QCodeEditor - Widget for Qt"
by Member 13398665 on Article "A Professional Calendar/Agenda View...

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