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Files and Folders

Great Reads

by Sven Wiegand
A class that enables you to easily retrieve a file's version information.
by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.
by Tolgahan ALBAYRAK
Read, Write, Save INI files without using Windows APIs.
by OriginalGriff
There is a common theme in development: storing data files in the application folder. This is bad, and wrong, and should be stamped on!

Latest Articles

by Samuel Cragg
Nesting files in a project
by David O'Neil
A quick notation of a useful Powershell command, so I can look it up quicker in the future
by raddevus
When disk I/O goes to 100% your machine becomes a brick. Here's some information about how my i7, 8GB laptop was taken over by Microsoft Telemetry.
by Mayur V Lohite
A helper function which verifies that an uploading file is in valid image format in MVC


by Alberto M. on article "Named Binary Tag serialization"
by Alberto M. on article "Named Binary Tag serialization"
by Member 13190237 on article "Named Binary Tag serialization"
by Member 13048449 on Folder protection for windows using C#
by Febin Joy on Article "Drag and Drop to Windows - C#"

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