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Game Development

Great Reads

by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A shoot'n'up HTML5 game made with Phaser game framework
by Hung, Han
This article is basically a tutorial on how to code your own Sudoku game using VB.Net.
by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Demo for a math puzzle board game
by CMalcheski
Thinking outside the box can result in critical performance gains

Latest Articles

by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Derived work: customizable Tetris with pure HTML + JavaScript + Canvas, using strict mode, complete with help and all classic Tetris operations
by Peter Occil
Describes projection and view transforms commonly used in 3D graphics, such as perspective and orthographic transforms.
by BlackMATov
It's a story on how to write a plugin for Unity Asset Store, take a crack at solving the well-known isometric problems in games, and make a little coffee money from that, and also to understand how expandable Unity editor is. Pictures, code, graphs and thoughts inside.
by Arav Singhal
Calculating the mass and inertia of a body and applying forces to it


by on article "How to Get Raw (Positional) Data from...
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by on article "A Sudoku program with some advanced...

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