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by Clayton Rumley
An easy-to-use class that allows us to create PHP classes whose methods are automatically exposed in client-side JavaScript.
by Chris Boss
Visual Basic 6.0 just doesn’t want to disappear. Why ? Likely many have written vital applications using VB 6.0 and Visual Basic is so different that it is not a viable option.
by Rion Williams
This post will cover how to create a simple “cookie-aware” WebClient class that will authenticate and persist this authentication for the duration of the WebClient to allow access to secure areas of your MVC Application without the need for re-authenticating for each request.
by Chris Boss
BASIC is one of the most misunderstood programming languages! Mention BASIC to a current software developer and one quickly finds out that it is not viewed favorably by most programmers.

Latest Articles

by Rion Williams
Transformation on numerous fronts with just a few months of exposure to Kafka technology
by SleepyCrat
This article will show you how to create an ASP. net core web api project and secure it using Google's Firebase authentication service with an Angular front end.
by 10xlearner
A post on how to format CPP, C, JavaScript and other stuff
by Bahrudin Hrnjica
In this article, we are going to explore the main features in the new C# Juypter Notebook.


by on article "How to Design and Build the "Simplest...
by on technical blog "Securing a Website Using...
by on technical blog "Securing a Website Using...
by on technical blog "Securing a Website Using...
by on technical blog "Securing a Website Using...

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