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by Marc Clifton
An opinionated look at our trade
by Marc Clifton
A case study of taking a simple algorithm from prototype to "production" quality code.
by Jay Janarthanan
Daily Routine of a 4 Hour Programmer
by Marc Clifton
Three algorithms are presented -- iterative, recursive yield, and recursive step-and-continue, with a real time and interactive UI of the solving process and solution.

Latest Articles

by Error410
Setting up a microservice architecture from scratch, using Kubernetes, Helm and Docker. Automating the deployment process using a CI/CD tool. (Part 1) Base configuration.
by Moses Wong
Setting up virtual o.s (Windows 7 32 Bit, 64 Bit, Windows 8 and Windows 10) using virtual box.
by Suman Kumar
This article describes the basics of ISO 8583 message format.
by Marc Clifton
One way to optimize your code review process by identifying the low hanging fruit.

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Trying to understand the cloud hosting landscape can be a nightmare....


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by Error410 on article "Microservices with Kubernetes,...
by sivam1 on article "Microservices with Kubernetes,...
by MGChris on article "What Might a 6GL Look Like?"
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