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by Marc Clifton
An opinionated look at our trade
by Marc Clifton
A somewhat lightweight article, that covers some issues that we should all be conscious of when reworking prototype code (and deciding whether to rework prototype code!) with a case study.
by Marc Clifton
Three algorithms are presented -- iterative, recursive yield, and recursive step-and-continue, with a real time and interactive UI of the solving process and solution.
by Marc Clifton
Not very classy in C#, but pretty classy in F#.

Latest Articles

by oproot
Kicking off and monitoring long-running Azure logic app workflows with Powershell
by Kevin Mack
Cost projections and figuring out gross margin in cloud computing
by Lukasz Szyrmer
How product development for the entire market can take a long time and what to do to resolve the problem
by Lukasz Szyrmer
Experimenting with output using three different alternative ways of working


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